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Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | MAJOR

Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Pop K-pop




"15 K-Pop Songs to Add to Your Valentine's Day Makeout Playlist: 2NE1, SISTAR, 2PM & More"

Just in time for Valentine's Day, K-Town brings you 15 tracks sure to set the mood this holiday. It makes no difference if you speak Korean or even if you're a K-pop fan, the truth of the matter is: It's hard to resist sweet crooning or a grooving bass line.

So whether you're happy in a relationship or single and looking for a little lovin' this V-Day, we recommend these songs as a soundtrack to give off that right vibe to your date. Just play some of the following tracks and you're set.

In no particular order, here are the 15 K-pop songs to add to your Valentine's Day makeout playlist... stat.

(7) AOA, "Miniskirt"
If all you're looking for is an innocent makeout session, well, do not try to copy this girl group's choreography. Do play this bopping pop track. - Billboard

"Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America & Around the World: June 2014"

Led by the YouTube King himself, K-pop acts racked up millions of views throughout June. Unsurprisingly, PSY's "Hangover" video was the most viewed K-pop music video both in America and around the globe with Taeyang and a slew of boy bands ranking high across the board.

"Hangover" featuring Snoop Dogg has earned more than 90 million views since its June 8 reveal while his Korean labelmate Taeyang has snagged more than 11 million views with his "Eyes, Nose, Lips" and takes second place in both rankings. Taeyang's follow up vid "1AM" was the month's third most-watched in America, and fourth globally, further proving the singer's stateside interest following his Billboard 200 record-breaking "Rise" LP.

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America vs. Around the World: May 2014

Notably, boy bands U-KISS and Boyfriend – both of whom held U.S. tours this year – make the Top 8 ranking in America at Nos. 6 and 8, respectively, but U-KISS ranks No. 8 globally while Boyfriend misses the Top 8 altogether. Meanwhile after earning the most-viewed K-pop video of January 2014 in America, GOT7 again ranks high with their new video for "A" as the fourth most-watched in America and fifth around the globe. Beast lands two entries this month, both within the Top 7.

Watch playlists of the Top 8 most viewed K-pop videos in both America and around the world below, according to YouTube.

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World - June 2014

1. PSY feat. Snoop Dogg, "Hangover"
2. Taeyang, "Eyes, Nose, Lips"
3. Beast, "Good Luck"
4. Taeyang, "1AM"
5. GOT7, "A"
6. AOA, "Short Hair"
7. Beast, "No More"
8. U-KISS, "Don't Flirt" - Billboard

"K-Pop Hot 100: Hyorin's 'Goodbye' Holds Off Ga In's 'Fxxk U' for No. 1"

Hyorin's popular ballads block Ga In from earning her first K-Pop Hot 100 No. 1 with her racy comeback track, "Fxxk U." Due to its explicit nature, the bouncy R&B track has been banned from South Korean broadcast, but hitting the No. 2 slot still proves big public support for the controversial song.

Ga In's Violent, Explicit 'Fxxk U' Video Pushes K-Pop Boundaries: Watch

"Fxxk You" is the buzz track leading off Ga In's new album "Truth or Dare." To promote the record, the Brown Eyed Girls member released a teaser video featuring singers like IU, 2AM's Jo Kwon, her Brown Eyed Girls bandmembers and other industry folk speaking candidly about the notoriously sexual singer. IU divulges that Ga In "really likes erotic stuff" while composer Lee Min Soo wonders if she's "a hermaphrodite." The mini-doc further proves the singer as one of South Korea's most brazen stars -- one of a kind for the K-pop scene.

With "Fxxk You" in the runner-up chart slot, Ga In returns to her previous peak as a solo act when fall 2012 single "Bloom" hit No. 2. She also hit No. 2 as a part of Brown Eyed Girls with "Sixth Sense" in October 2011.
While Ga In's boldness has pushed her to the No. 2 slot, girl group AOA has earned its biggest hit to date with "Miniskirt" after toning down the group's sexiness.

As K-Town reported this week, January saw four girl groups altering sexually-charged choreography for Korean TV. AOA simmered down their routine that saw the girls writhing on the floor, accentuating their bums with slo-mo hip rolls and unzipping their dresses to flash a little more leg. Three weeks after the song's chart debut, the girls finally hit the Top 10 with "Miniskirt" at No. 8 this week.

Girl's Day, AOA, Rainbow Black & Dal*Shabet Tone Down Sexy Choreography: See Before & After Vids

"Miniskirt" is a major accomplishment for the rising girl group. Prior to the single, AOA hadn't even landed in the Top 20; the closest it had come was with "Moya," a track released by a sub-unit AOA Black, peaking at No. 21 in summer 2012.

Produced by hitmaker Brave Brothers -- who produced "Gone Not Around Any Longer," the No. 1 K-Pop Hot 100 song of 2013 -- the spicy pop track is centered around whistle tones heard throughout the verses that create the addictive hook.

While AOA saw the changes working in its favor on the charts, the choreography alterations have only made slight -- if any -- improvements for Girl's Day, Rainbow Black and Dal*Shabet.

Girl's Day's "Something" holds at No. 3 for its fifth week on the chart. Meanwhile, Rainbow Black's "Cha Cha" rises one spot to No. 26, after three weeks, in while Dal*Shabet's "B.B.B (Big Baby Baby)" falls two to No. 31 in its fourth week on the chart.

K-Pop on Other Billboard Charts:
--World Albums: GOT7's "Got It?" EP falls from No. 1 to No. 10 after two weeks on the chart.
--World Digital Songs (Highlights - Full Chart Available to Billboard Subscribers): PSY's "Gangnam Style" is the best-selling K-pop song of the week, at No. 2, followed by 2NE1's "I Am the Best" (below) at No. 3. Likely spurred by a performance on "The Bachelor," the girl group's signature hit returns for its non-consecutive 79th week on the chart. Meanwhile, B1A4's "Lonely" falls from No. 20 to No. 24 in its third week on the chart. - Billboard

"4 K-Pop Girl Groups Tone Down Sexy Choreography: See Before & After Videos"

Girl's Day, AOA, Dal*Shabet and Rainbow Black all simmer down the provocative dance moves

It might have been a freezing January, but some of K-pop's top girl groups were hotter than ever. In fact, a little too hot for some standards in the typically conservative South Korea. Last month, four female troupes toned the titillation down a few notches after being asked by TV broadcasters or in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience.

Take a look at the before and after choreography. While it's fun to see K-pop groups get continually more comfortable with their sexuality -- 2013 was its sexiest yet -- there still appears to be overwhelming pressure to tone things down if a butt shake or chest rub, er, rubs someone the wrong way. Was it too hot for TV or were the changes unwarranted?

AOA, "Miniskirt": Relatively new to the scene, AOA must have hoped an eye-catching, mature routine would send them to the upper tier of the girl group rankings. For the sexy "Miniskirt" stages, members were writhing on the ground while singing their verses (0:25) and accentuating their bums in tight skirts (0:55). On the chorus, AOA unzip their garments for the camera (0:59), got touchy with each other's rear ends (1:16) and spend the hook simply shaking what their mamas gave them (1:14).

Altered: There's no more singing on the ground (0:16) and the girls' skirts seem to be partially unzipped already. But the butt shaking isn't entirely gone: The chorus still sees AOA shaking for the camrea, albeit much more subdued than earlier performances. - Billboard

"AOA on Billboard’s K-pop MV list with ‘Short Hair’"

K-pop idol girl group AOA ranked sixth on’s June K-pop MV Top 8 with its latest song “Short Hair.”

AOA was the only female group on the list of the most viewed K-pop music videos in the world for the month of June. It attracted over 2.6 million viewers.

The other eight music videos were Psy’s “Hangover,” Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and “1AM,” BEAST’s “Good Luck” and “No More,” GOT7’s “A,” and U-KISS’ “Don’t Flirt.”

Meanwhile, AOA’s “Short Hair” topped the Gaon Social Chart for the week of June 23-28. The national music chart is compiled with data from SNS platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

“Short Hair” was released on June 19. The seven members of AOA celebrated the 700th day since their debut on July 9. - The Korea Herald

"AOA gets to No. 1 in Taiwanese chart"

Girl group AOA’s “Miniskirt” ranked No. 1 yesterday on the Taiwanese music chart Omusic after it was released as a digital single last Friday.

The single comes ahead of the girl group’s first album launch in Taiwan, slated for Sept. 26. AOA will debut two albums simultaneously. One, “AOA: Best Album,” will include 13 of the group’s most popular tracks from previous albums and will include “Elvis,” “MOYA” and “Get Out.”

The other album, “Short Hair,” will feature seven tracks including “Fantasy.”

A week after their official debut in Taiwan, AOA members will head to Japan with their digital single “Short Hair.”

The song will be released on Oct. 1.

AOA is scheduled to open the Tokyo Runway 2014 fashion show on Sunday. - Korea Joongang Daily

"AOA Have Your ‘TRL’-Era Video Fix With ‘Like A Cat’"

For casual fans of K-pop’s bigger crossover acts like Girls’ Generation or 2NE1, here’s another South Korean girl group to put on your radar: AOA

Still relatively new on the scene — they debuted about two years ago — the seven-member troupe released their latest video, “Like A Cat,” on Monday (November 10), and it boasts everything those high-concept music videos from the “TRL” era always brought: elaborate costumes, choreography, intrigue, suspense, lasers.

And then there are also the cats. Or, at least the idea of cats. Check it out below.

I spoke with Jeff Benjamin, Billboard’s K-pop columnist, about what it is that sets AOA apart from their peers. He boiled it down to two main components: 1.) their band concept and 2.) their sexiness.
“The quick backstory is AOA stands for ’Ace of Angels,’ and it consists of the seven members, or ’angels,’ as part of the dance-pop ensemble,” Benjamin explained. “Four of those members also play instruments and perform as a part of AOA Black, AOA’s band splinter group, along with the ’half-angel’ member Youkyung.” Playing instruments is rare for K-pop artists, he told me, as they usually only dance and sing.

As for that second, sexier component, Benjamin said: “It feels like they’re helping K-pop embrace its sexuality.” AOA buck the trend of “cuteness and innocence” that is apparently common in a lot of K-pop, without pushing the envelope too far for more conservative tastes. You could say they’re changing the game sneakily…

…like a cat. - MTV

"What a K-Pop Fan Meeting in Korea Is Like"

As any K-pop fan will tell you, the scene's stars are some of the most respectful and humble celebs in the world. Most singers go through years of training only to spend several more years repaying debts to their record label and having their income forever split between group members. It's a music scene that's more competitive and promises less success than that of the Western world.

And yet it's all the more reason why if your favorite act can make their way to getting to a place where they hold a large-scale fan meeting in their home country, you need to check it out. Fuse was on hand for AOA's first "official" meet in Seoul, titled 2015 AOA Heart Attack, at Sangmyung Art Center's cozy Gyedang Hall theater. We got to see the lovable girl group like we've never seen them before, in front of just a few hundred fans. Here's what you need to know about K-pop fan meetings and why you gotta attend one if you're in Seoul.

1. Brush Up on Your Discography

Chances are if you're a superfan, you already know all of your favorite group's songs, but you might want to revisit a few deep cuts beforehand. Attendees were greeted by B-sides from AOA's recent EPs blasting from speakers; throughout the engagement, the ladies performed intro songs and cuts like "Love Is Only You," the B-side to their debut single, which saw the girls shedding tears while performing.

2. More Casual Than Ever

K-pop fans know their favorite stars to be very formal and conservative during interviews and broadcasts. It's to put out their best image and not rack up any haters in Korea's notoriously harsh internet-commenter culture. But when you're surrounded by a few hundred of your biggest supporters, you're bound to let loose a little more. AOA's fan meeting opened with a laid-back chat session where the girls got to candidly speak about the past couple years together, individual activities and their interests. It was refreshing to watch the ladies look so happy and relaxed onstage as they knew the normal pressures they faced weren't as high.

3. Rare Goods

As a treat to both the attendees and the artist, you'll have the chance to pick up some rare fan memorabilia for these kinds of events. This particular meeting had some awesome items including paper stand-up placards of each individual member and an AOA-branded towel.

4. Your Messages Will Be Seen

Before entering the meeting, AOA fans could write a personal message to the girls on a Post-it note that was stuck onto a white board and brought in for the group (see below). While many fans write personal notes and give gifts to their idols at events, it's possible lots of these get lost in the hustle and bustle of a live performance or other big event. The girls were at Gyedang Hall for one reason and one reason only: To interact with fans! It's a sure bet they got any message you sent them.

5. Be Ready to Really Scream

Your typical hollers at concerts won't cut it at a fan meeting. Remember, these are the super-est of the superfans, so you better be shrieking to support your beloved act. Or risk being drowned out by bigger supporters.

4 - AOA Fan meeting
Jeff Benjamin for FM
6. You'll Need to Rely on Your Memories

Perhaps because the acts will be so casual, you likely will not be allowed to take photos or video while you're in attendance at a K-pop fan meeting in Korea (we tried...and almost got kicked out).

But don't fret: Won't the extra attention you put on the group (and not on your smartphone/Twitter/Instagram account) make it that much more memorable? Plus, most likely the act's staff or record label will have shot a few pictures including a big, group shot.

7. Can't Make It? You Can Still Show Your Love

If you can't do it in person, a common way of sending someone a congratulations in Asia is sending them a decorated reef of flowers. AOA fans who may have not been able to attend the meeting sent these gorgeous flowers over with super-sweet messages on the ribbons like "AOA Forever." These were on display as attendees walked, showing that the fandom was connected even if they weren't all in attendance. - FM.TV


2012.07.30 / Angel's Story , 1st single & debut album 
2012.10.10 / Wanna Be, 2nd single 
2013.07.26 / MOYA, 3rd single as AOA BLACK (Band Unit)
2013.10.15 / RED MOTION, 4th single 
2014.01.15 / Mini Skirt, 5th single
2014.06.19 / Short Hair, 1st Mini Album 
2014.11.11 / Like A Cat, 2nd Mini Album
2015.06.22 / Heart Attack, 3rd Mini Album 
2015.10.14 / Ace of Angels, 1st Japanese Album 



Transformable Global Girl group AOA

Having acquired the title as “concept-dol” and “fantasy-dol,” for their fantasy-targeted concepts, AOA (Jimin, Choa, Yuna, Hye-Jeong, Mina, Seol-Hyun, Chanmi) returns with their third mini album, “Heart Attack,” as lacrosse players. AOA has become one of the main girl groups after their continued success with “Mini Skirt,” “Short Hair,” and “Like a Cat.”

This year, AOA transformed into active lacrosse players through their third mini album, “Heart Attack.” The group presented a powerful performance, showing off their healthy and sexy charm. They have differentiated themselves from other girl groups by focusing on their active image, and topped the summer charts.

Debuting with their track “Elvis,” in 2012, AOA continued their growth with “Get Out,” and “Moya,” and became one of the major girl groups of Korea with their successful tracks: “Mini Skirt,” “Short Hair,”” and “Like a Cat.”

AOA held their first fan meet in Seoul, Taiwan and Hong Kong in October of 2015. AOA also released their first full-length album in Japan and plan to hold their first solo concert this December, securing their title as a global girl group.