Yung Bundy

Yung Bundy

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Well Yung Bundy Is A Teen Star, That Can Wow Any Crowd With His Rapping Singing And Uncanny Dance Moves. No Doubt If YOu Do Not Feel That He Is Different Than Other Rapper Name Another Rapper That Raps Sings And Dance All At The Same Time.....You Can't Think Of None So Jump On Th YB Band Wagon!!!


Born and raised in Toronto, Yung Bundy is an up and coming artist who is catching the eyes, ears and hearts of record executives, music lovers and media across the United States and in his native country, Canada. Yung Bundy has high goals and aspirations as an artist and is heavily influenced by hip-hop artists/moguls who have accomplished more than just being the best in the hip hop industry. Like Lil Wayne and 50 Cent, he wants to deliver his message to the world while bringing a new chapter and sound into music. Like Jay-Z, Yung Bundy wants to be an entrepreneur, a business man, at the top, yet humble. When Yung Bundy reaches the top he wants his fans, especially children, to realize and recognize what it takes to be the best, through hard work, determination and perseverance.

Yung Bundy is currently being managed by Shanghai :30 Entertainment which is based in Los Angeles. Shanghai :30 Entertainment is affiliated with such artists and groups as Wu Tang Clan, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Aaron Carter, Josiah Rea, Ivan Smirnov and Playboy.

Yung Bundy is known for his intense, powerful on-stage performance. His ability to get the crowd moving and dancing is uncanny. Yung Bundy has a full range of music that can move all crowds, from pop, hip hop, dance and much more. From singing in his church's choir at a young age to becoming a teenage superstar, his relentless pursuit and motivation to chase his dream is undeniable. What fuels Yung Bundy's passion and drive to become a force in hip hop is his family, his mom and his sister. Growing up in Toronto, Yung Bundy has seen his share of violence and poverty and it motivates him more as shown through his music, lyrics and rhymes. Respectively, Yung Bundy knows that there is always room for improvement especially being so young, 16, in an industry dominated by people his senior. With as much confidence and humility as possible, Yung Bundy feels "like I have the upper hand in the industry because I can learn and feed off those above me; by the time, I am where they are, I will be above because music and being in music is all about learning, growing and maturing as an artist.”