Common Ground

Common Ground

 Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Anyone who has seen Common Ground perform live can attest to the connection that the audience feels with the music. It is through these positive vibrations that Common Ground, an original, high-energy Reggae Rock band, will make a major impact on the music industry and popular culture.


Hailing from the beautiful shores of Southwest Florida, Common Ground has banded together through the bonds of hard work, dedication and positive vibrations. The group is making their footprint on those same shores with a “sky’s the limit” mindset.

Common Ground truly has a multi-faceted approach to making reggae music. The band members each have a very broad range of musical tastes and backgrounds. With all members having so many different influences, the group harnesses various forms of Funk, Surf, Soul, Hip-Hop, Ska, Psychedelic, Blues, Jazz, Jam, and especially that sweet Reggae music to cultivate a purely original and organic form of music. Their music pays homage to the roots of reggae music, while also exploring the depths of musical composition and arrangement. Targeting people of all ages and walks of life, Common Ground’s music is easily accessible to anyone. The music is familiar in its bouncing, driving rhythms and catchy hooks, yet has a flavor so fresh and infectious that it will leave you wanting more.

Currently, Common Ground is working hard in Southwest Florida, rapidly gaining momentum and taking the reggae scene by storm with a steadily increasing fan-base. Already sharing the stage with National touring bands such as Passafire, The Supervillains, The Spam All-stars, and The Echo Movement - nothing stands in their way of attaining success. They have released their first 5-track EP in May, and are planning some upcoming tours for this year. You are able to pick up their EP at a live show or on iTunes:


Cultivate EP - May 2011
-Already sold 4,000 copies!
-The song Live It is being streamed all over the internet and is on regional Florida radio stations!