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"Recording Artist Dunamis Stops by Conversations LIVE"

Host Cyrus Webb welcomes recording artist Dunamis to Conversations LIVE to discuss how he is using his music to change the world. Dunamis will also introduce his single AWESOME GOD. - Conversations with Music

"DUNAMIS – Gospel’s Reggae Rap talent releases new single – ‘Awesome God’"

There are times when we will be at our lowest point in life or even fighting for our life to then truly understand God’s calling on our lives. This was the case for Aster Records Gospel Reggae… - Living Strong TV

"DUNAMIS - Gospel's Reggae Rap talent releases new single - 'Awesome God'"

There are times when we will be at our lowest point in life or even fighting for our life to then truly understand God’s calling on our lives. This was the case for Aster Records Gospel Reggae rapper DUNAMIS, who was a fixture on the streets of New York City and heavily involved in gang life and the drug scene until a gunshot to his back almost killed him. - Examiner - Victoria Poller


There are times when we will be at our lowest point in life or even fighting for our life to then truly understand God’s calling on our life. Such was the case for Aster Records Gospel Reggae rapper DUMAMIS, who was a fixture on the streets of New York City and heavily involved in gang life and the drug scene until a gunshot to the back almost killed him. - YLR Gospel News

"Dunamis aims for the four corners"

WITH an abundance of negative messages being transmitted through popular music, gospel dancehall artiste Dunamis has his sights set on bringing his uplifting message to all who have ears to hear.

Dunamis, through his own testimony, had taken a meandering path before coming face to face with the reality of God’s might, power and grace, choosing to lead a Christian lifestyle as a result.

But leading a Christian life is only part of his mission as he is ‘heaven-bent’ on spreading the word of God through the medium of dancehall wider than the tristate area where he is building a name as a budding gospel dancehall act.

And he is not concerned that religious purists might misinterpret his use of the dancehall idiom as an attempt to gain popularity using the Saviour’s name.

“I have been a part of dancehall for years, It has always been a part of my life,� Dunamis, whose real name is Neil Hall, said during a telephone interview from his New Jersey home.

His debut album, entitled, Dunamis, is set to take his message to the four corners of the earth.

The message of peace, love and tolerance is a common thread of the album, but the dancehall genre is well represented. Dunamis’ effort proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that dancehall music can be fun without the degrading, violence-laced lyrics which is so popular among secular artistes presently.

From the opening bars of the first track, Worship, it becomes evident that this DJ has the potential to turn heads. Other tracks, like Warrior, the kete druminfluenced Thank You and Don’t Judge Me are above the dancehall average and should augur well for his efforts to break into the limelight for Jesus. Two collaborations, You featuring suave singer, Jordana James and the soca sounding Don’t Tek It Down, with Richie Righteous add variety to the effort.

The album offers 15 tracks.

Dunamis was born in Bull Bay, St Andrew and left the land of his birth to live in America at age 10. Like so many youngsters, he was lured by the streets and became involved with the wrong crowd, smoking and stealing regularly. As a result Dunamis had several run-ins with the law and was at least on one occasion locked up by the US authorities.

Fearing for his life and knowing that death stalked the drug-filled, gang-ruled streets of New York, his relatives sent him packing back to Jamaica to finish his high school education at the Kingston Technical High School.

“It was a blessing that they sent me back to Jamaica. There is no telling what could have happened to me,� he said.

The artiste has since transformed his life and now has one goal, to carry out the edicts of his lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

“The devil has stolen music for so long, so God has risen up people to make us take back that music. The message is in the music,� he said.

DUNAMIS… the message is in the music

- Jamaica Observer; Date:Jul 18, 2007; Section:Entertainment; Page Number:31

"Spreading gospel through REGGAE"

TWENTY-EIGHT-YEAR-OLD NEIL HALL, aka "Dunamis" is on fire for the Lord. Ignited by his passion for Christ and fueled by his past experiences, it is Neil's mission to reach the world with the transforming message of the power of God.

Born and raised in Jamaica until the age of ten, Neil grew up feeling isolated from those around him. His painful struggle as a teenager and his desire to feel a belonging inevitably led him into New York's urban street scene which almost ended his life by a gunshot in his back.

When he entered Junior High School, he began hanging around gangs and the drug scene in a desperate search for friends. That "desperation" led him on a path of smoking and stealing, seeking to live up the stereotypical street life. Fearful for his life, his mother sent him to a Christian Youth Camp in upstate New York Summer of 1993; Neil came face to face with God whom he could not refuse.

The speaker at the camp made the choice clear to Neil – Heaven or Hell, which one would Neil go to if he were to die? It was at that camp that Neil asked God into his heart and where the power of the Holy Spirit began working in his life.

His struggles for identity continued and his mother then sent him back to Jamaica. While there, Neil arrived at his Crossroad – the World or the Lord.

He now stands as a man of God, ready to share his testimony through the medium of Reggae music, his platform to the world. Dancehall music has always been a comfort to his searching soul. Neil always knew he had it in him to be a stage performer when he challenged his fellow students at school to "free style" dancehall lyrics.

Impressed by the lyrics that flowed so easily from his lips, students often shied away from meeting the challenge.

Years later, his wife, equally impressed and swayed by his God-given ability, encouraged him to use his talent for the Lord.

Inspiration for Neil' s mission lies in a single verse Luke 10:19: "Behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you." He wants young people to realize that the secret to defeating the schemes of the devil lies in that power that only God provides through Christ Jesus. He wants them to understand where he's been.

Neil's particular experiences call him to an outright verbal assault on the enemy, an approach manifested in almost every line of his songs. He has shared stages with Papa San, Junior Tucker, Carlene Davis, The Grace Thrillers, Lieutenant Stitchie and Chevelle Franklin just to name a few. This dynamic gospel reggae artist's no-nonsense message is clear and is a recipe for strength, warfare, and victory through Christ Jesus. (PR)

- Published on: Barbados Nation News 7/20/07


Check Dunamis out on www.gospelcity.com, vote for his single. - GospelCity.com

"Dunamis Interview on 94.1FM"

Listen to Dunamis interview on Gospel-Spotlight.com. Enjoy and Be Blessed. - Gospel-Spotlight.com

"#1 Hottest Single YOU-Feat. Jordana James"


- Revive Sounds Productions

"Dunamis TV Interview"

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- Liz Black

"#6 on Britains Top 10 Charts"

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- UnitedbyOne.com


AWESOME GOD available on iTunes and Amazonhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/awesome-god-single/id646077207



Artist: Dunamis
Album: Silently Loud
Genre: Gospel/ Reggae/ Urban/ Pop
Website: http://www.dunamismusic.com
Twitter: @officialdunamis
Facebook: @officialdunamis
YouTube: @officialdunamis

Sometimes you have to get shot to truly understand God’s calling on your life. Such was the case for Aster Records Gospel Reggae rapper Dunamis who was a fixture on the streets of New York City and heavily involved in gang life and the drug scene until a gunshot to the back almost killed him. His desperation for acceptance and self-worth spiraled out of control until 1993 when he attended a Christian youth camp where a visiting pastor gave Dunamis a staggering ultimatum about his lost ways: choose Heaven or get ready for Hell. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit eventually overcame Dunamis to convince the prodigal son to give his life to Jesus Christ and serve God.
Today, you’ll find Dunamis repping hard for God, and using his talents as a rapper, songwriter, producer and minister of music to deliver a no-nonsense message that we are overcomers through Jesus Christ. Layered over island-inflected, Urban R&B, Hip Hop and Dance Rhythms, the sound of victory triumphantly resounds in Dunamis’ first single, “Awesome God,” from his highly anticipated album, Silently Loud, which is due in stores this spring. Already earning strong radio support and is currently on Gospel Music's BDS Charts - “Awesome God,” is a praise Anthem delivering a must-hear treatment of the Good News classic, “Our God Is an Awesome God.”
Also featured on the project Grammy winning Producer Tyshane Thompson (Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Papa San, etc.) and Grammy Nominiee Roger Ryan.
Additional production by, JahRockn, and artists DChondra,
Dorlene Curwen, and Chris Belmont are among Silently
Loud’s other performers.
“I sculpted Silently Loud around reality,” states Dunamis. “With Silently Loud, I wanted to speak to the heart of people, talk to young men and women about what they are going through, and where they are in their lives today and their plans for the future,” says Dunamis. “We all have issue - It’s about how we deal with them. For me, the answer is God!”
Born as Neil Hall in Jamaica, Dunamis was rechristened with the moniker that means “miraculous power or act of power” by a worshipper after the artist gave a particularly forceful and transformative performance. Underscoring his music ministry, the husband and father of two attends a leadership course at his Church and regularly speaks with young adults about biblical principles of leadership, self-worth, vision, money matters and more. Dunamis recently spoke and performed at Nashville, TN State Prison and was able to interact with the inmates on a personal level. As a rapper, Dunamis has shared the stage with Canton Jones, Myron Butler and Papa San also featured on Dr. Bobby Jones Next Generation, was scheduled to perform in Kenya at the MegaFest Unplugged concert alongside Byron Cage, Trin-i-tee 5:7 and others, graced England’s Gospel Chart at No. 6 with one of his previous single “Im Nah Believe Sey," from the album Raggamuffin Hip Hop, Chapter 2, and more.
Gospel has a righteous new beat and powerful Praise & Worship leader... DUNAMIS!
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Black and Latino Achievers Leadership Academy -- Melrose YMCA, OH
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