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Miami, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ifyourloveisstrong.com Mixtape Review"

Meet DUTCH, someone whose love is strong for music: Check him out here, remember where you heard it! - ifyourloveisstrong.wordpress.com

"Pop Culture for the Cultured: Mixtape Review"

It's refreshing to hear a rapper from the "South" who actually has the ability to make a song with dope lyrics. The beat selection is also top notch, making this mixtape one of the most focused and well rounded mixtapes that Ive heard in a while. It's more of a debut album than a mixtape. Do yourself a favor and download the mixtape from Dutch's website below. - popcultureforthecultured.blogspot.com

"DankIdeas.com Mixtape Review"

"The homie JC from Vacay Wave just sent me a few tracks from this guy Dutch his boy told him about. Apparently he’s a new rapper from NY whose trying to make a name for himself by blending his love for hip hop and lyricism with his passion for DJing in the rising electronic music scenes. Anyone who tries to blend the two genres I’m always skeptical about, it is often attempted but rarely achieved in an appealing way. But I think Dutch may be onto something.

Check out the music video above, where he goes with a nice flow and catchy hooks over a spacey Thievery Coporation production. I highly recommend checking out his mixtape, Late Nights On Mars, as well, got a bunch of great tracks where he has really fused the two genres together in excellent harmony." - Dankideas.com


January 21st 2011 "Something we received in our inbox, thought it deserved some shine" - freshnewmusik.com

"NBC South Florida Today Show"

Dutch & DJ Fono hit the NBC South Florida Today Show to promote his first promotional mixtape "Late Nights On Mars", downloadable at www.planetdutch.com - NBC


"Hot Sauce Mixtape" (2009)

"Late Nights On Mars" (2011)(Promotional Mixtape)

"Hands High" (2011) (Single Release via iTunes)

"Big Dreams: A Tale of Two Sides"(Coming 2012) (LP)



Originally hailing from the empire state, Dutch was always a big fan of all genres of music. Infatuated with the sounds of Eminem, Nas, and Jay-Z, hip-hop seemed like an interesting way to release his emotions. At the age of thirteen, Dutch moved to South Florida with his mother and father. To deal with the loss of friends,family, and everything he had been familiar with, he picked up a pen and began to escape. “I would get lost in my pad; it was a way to let out the pain of dealing with all these new things. It tore me apart to be away from my hometown and friends” says Dutch.

After adjusting to a new surrounding, he met other emcees in his high school classes. Finally finding a way to record his music gave him a jolt of inspiration and a hunger to be noticed. “I always had pages and pages of lyrics but no beats to put them to. That’s where Res stepped in. He had beats and his own setup for us to record. If I wouldn’t have met him,I probably never would have had the urge to pursue it on a serious level.” After a year of recording, Dutch released a compilation album “The Hot Sauce Mixtape” to the underground that featured songs with artists Res, Wise Guy and DownPat. In October of 2007, Dutch and his crew appeared on the cover of Nine5Four, a local urban hip hop magazine in South Florida that exposes unsigned talent. Dutch recaps “It was my first taste of any success, and I felt so privileged to be noticed for something I cared so much about.”

After months of lounge and bar performances, Dutch started working closely with partners Peter Johnson & Brian Malaspina to create Dreamer Nation, a new school style that can visually and musically appeal to the masses. At the young age of twenty four, Dutch released his first official mixtape Late Nights on Mars in Jan 2011. The debut album Big Dreams: A Tale of 2 Sides will soon be released via iTunes. Checkout the first single "Hands High" available now. The sky is the limit for this up and coming star with a unique style and new age sound. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open...