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"Katy Perry's Brother David Hudson Launches Music Career With 'A Real Man's Life'"

Getty Images for EMI Music
Michael and Janet, Jessica and Ashlee, Beyonce and Solange -- everyone loves a good pair of singing siblings! Recently, there's been a new crop of musical family members popping up -- first with Rihanna's younger brother Rorrey Fenty and now Katy Perry's little brother David Hudson is trying launch his very own career in the recording industry, too!

David, 23, recently uploaded his new track, 'A Real Man's Life,' onto YouTube and told InTouch Weekly that Katy (born Katheryn Hudson), 27, and their older sister Angela are already his biggest fans. "I finally showed them a song about two months ago -- my first musical endeavor. They were blown away," Hudson admitted.

"Katy was really busy, but I finally bugged her enough and she's like, 'Fine I'll listen to it,' and then she must have sent me ten text messages in a row, 'Who wrote this?' 'Is this really you singing?' 'Where did this come from?' 'How did you get in the studio?'"

David continued, "She was amazed, and she doesn't know that I know this, but Katy was saying, 'My first song was not half as good as that!' It's just kind of cool to see my sisters' reactions. I look up to them and I love them."

David names Radiohead and Kings of Leon as his greatest musical influences and insists that despite all of Katy's industry connections, he refuses to ride on his celeb sister's coattails. "[Katy] definitely encourages me. Obviously, she is who she is and the affiliation is something that does benefit me, but I don't have her introduce me to producers or studio heads."

Do you think David is destined to be as big as Katy? Listen to his new track below and leave your comments!

"The adult contemporary emo-popper also likes boobies!"

About a year ago, Katy Perry's younger brother David Hudson, 24, decided to get into music. She was as surprised as the rest of us, it seems, but the little fella with the big gruff voice has stuck with it. He released his Dirty Face EP to iTunes on August 2, and now he's got himself a video for the song, "To You."

The song itself is an adult contemporary-flavored pop track with epic emo overtones. Not bad — just very vanilla, especially compared to the candy-coated smorgasbord that is his sister's oeuvre. And the video's kinda clever — a loop that finds Hudson offering his heart to an unimpressed mistress who tosses it aside before he catches it and repeats the process — even if it's in need of color correction and an audio fix.

Also to be appreciated is the presumably unintentional career metaphor of Hudson struggling in an uphill battle to reach his goal before he winds up dragging his own damn self through the dirt. A preemptive strike, perhaps? Finally, that chick should be a quarterback the way she tosses that heart-shaped rock. Oh, and one of Hudson's most recent Twitter updates: "Boobies. #GodBlessThatCreation" - SPIN


EP- HUDSON: dirty face - available on ITUNES/SPOTIFY/ETC

Full Length- Coming February 2013



David HUDSON is an artist with conviction, inspired by experiences and the journey ahead. Born in Tulsa, Ok but raised in southern California, he found his unique musical sound in the landscape of the mid-west when moving back by himself at 17, although he began writing songs at 12 years old. With his sister, Katy Perry, as a major influence in his musical life, he was blessed to be raised in a family of melody and song writing. As a man of many talents, David avidly studies acting, dance, guitar, piano, and even gymnastics, with music and songwriting being his center of focus. He's an endlessly determined artist and visionary who works to develop a musical brand with a unique sound unto his own. Blending honest lyrics and edgy digestible numbers, the lyrical honesty and delivery of Johnny Cash, and the soaring soundscapes of radiohead. He also aims to incorporate his many philanthropic endeavors. With "a never stop evolving" attitude, Hudson is here to create, help, and leave his mark on the world.