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"Jason Damato "Floating Down A River""

A-based singer and songwriter Jason Damato combines the laid-back feel of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper and is beachy in his musical composition. Although Damato doesn’t have a full- length album to debut, it’s coming. Until then, you can catch some of his tunes on his Myspace page. He brings a young, fresh sound to the mix and at the age of 21 one might expect his lyrical ability to be sophomoric, but he does a fine job of turning life’s hardships into formidable songwriting with some wisdom in the background. 4.5 McRiprock’s

http://www.austindaze.com/2009/01/29/1436/ - Austin Daze

"Jason Damato-Floating Down A River"

Jason Damato – Floating Down a River

Background information/Description: Jason Damato left home at the age of eighteen and all he had were his clothes and his guitar. Once becoming homeless Jason claimed that he wrote songs whenever he could thus producing an album, that is reflective on the life he has come to live. So the hardships produced these tracks, which are of a “Beach Soul” genre – a genre that he has coined himself. Beach Soul it is indeed. The first track starts off with a ukuele and whistling creating a relaxed atmosphere which you would think you would feel when floating down a river. With a singing style similar to Jason Mraz, Jason Damato’s voice adds to the calm and relaxed vibe. So whenever you feel the stress getting to you, give this album a listen.

Listen to: Tracks 1 and 3

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"Floating Down A River" EP Released Jan. 20th 2009



There’s nothing like the feel of a favorite old t-shirt paired with a worn in pair of jeans. Some of the best things in life move into their prime as they get older, making them more enjoyable, more valuable. And so it is with the music of Jason Damato, a California native and a true crusader of all things good.

Jason grew up in San Diego, California where he was raised by his mother and preacher-stepfather in a strict Pentecostal Christian family. As a teenager, he often found himself at odds with his parent’s strict Christian values. At the age of eighteen, he left home to go his own way and pursue a career in music. After choosing the latter, Jason was left homeless with nothing but his clothes, a guitar and his sense of purpose. During that time he made his way to Los Angeles, where he spent every waking moment writing songs that reflected on his situation and the environment around him as he began to pursue his dream of making a career in music.

Citing influences from a wide variety of music genres including Ben Harper, Ella Fitzgerald, U2 and Jeff Buckley, Damato puts everything his soul possesses into his music. Jason is proficient at turning life’s lessons and pains into beautiful songs, but he has a natural way of moving through serious moments to a plane where he can relax in the simplicity of life. His songs come from a myriad of emotions he is experiencing at any given time. “I write songs based on my emotions. They come from the melodies playing in my head and emotions I feel while I am writing,” Damato shares. He also draws inspiration from his life long hobby, surfing, which he picked up as a kid growing up near the beaches of San Diego. “For me, surfing was the ultimate release and it gave me peace from my problems on the shore,” Damato adds.

He is a vibrant and colorful character who has the rare ability to draw people to him and his music. Remarkably observant and intrinsically soulful for a mere twenty-one year old, Damato’s passion for music is more than a career as it is a way of life. “Music is my way of living. You have to live the life you love and love the life you live. For me, that is creating music.” Damato recently completed work on his debut EP, "Floating Down A River" which found him working with some industry veterans. Tom Freund, known for his solo work and collaborations with Ben Harper, co-produced the album bringing his vast musicality and a wealth of experience to the table. “ Tom has become a musical big brother to me, he really helped me to focus on my style and he created a really supportive vibe in and out of the studio. Some of the people he brought in to help us just blew my mind. I am truly fortunate” Damato Adds.

One of those musicians Freund enlisted to provide the beat was Adam Topol who drums for Jack Johnson and Culver City Dub Collective. Topol added his touch and helped bring Damato’s songs to life. “Working with Adam was a truly humble experience, with all these great musicians how can I go wrong?” Damato says.

The result of the collaboration is a beach-tinged good time coined by Damato as some old-fashion beach soul. It is clear he has a bright future ahead as an artist but what does he want to be known as? “Simply a surfing soul who is the son of a preacher man,” Damato laughs as he gets ready to go on stage…..