JSK is a Hip-Hop artist with a very classic take on Hip Hop but with a modern feel. Most of the tracks created by her have a message and yet cater to an audience who like to have a good time. Furthermore, her sound is versatile creating 90's style hip hop to Trap Music.


I am a 20 yr old female lyricist and producer from south east London, I have been within the area of music since the age of 9 when I started playing drums for my local church and by age 13 i was the main drummer.

I started rapping at age 11. I started off as a grime MC and i was inspired by artists like Ghetts, Kano, Chipmunk, Lioness, Double S, Frisco etc

Around the age of 16 I began to make hip hop songs and this made me delve into the history of hip hop to gain a greater understanding, I became a huge fan of Jay Z and was inspired and influenced by rappers like Big L, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Scarface, Biggie,Snoop and more recently Kendrick Lamar and Ab-soul.

What I think sets me apart from other rappers is I just have a passion to make good music with thought provoking and emotive lyrics. I have a passion to uphold what Hip Hop was essentially made to do, paint a picture of life and society in its entirety, every aspect good or bad. From popping bottles to alcoholism.


Unknown prod. young fame