Just Joe

Just Joe


Just Joe, the new electronic one man band! could easily rival Fatboy Slim and Moby.


Just Joe was born on the 6th March 1982 in a small fishing town
called Barking on the outskirts of London which falls into the
county of Essex.

Just Joe was never meant to be 'Just Joe', it was only meant to be
his real name Joe Wheeler but, because so many people got into
saying 'Hello Joseph' it annoyed him so much he would reply with
'NO IT'S JUST JOE, NOT JOSEPH! JUST JOE!' so the name Just Joe stuck.

It all really adds up in the end and all fell together nicely as
Just Joe has in the past recorded Rock/Alternative music and people would
ask 'Do you have a band?' and his reply would always be 'No its just me,
Just Joe, a one man band'.

Just Joe has been recording music since 1999 and has now reached his
10th year as a recording artist. The music Just Joe records varies from
genre to genre, a kind of Jack of all trades, and his forthcoming release
'Play Stop Record Release' is a collection of the best dance records
that Just Joe has recorded in the 10 year period with a couple of new
unheard tracks thrown in for good measure.


We want to Rock [Single]

Written By: Just Joe



We want to Rock, We want to rock
We want to rock we want to rock

Intensity polarity, the frequency, in exstacy so come with me.

We want to Rock, We want to rock
We want to rock we want to rock


World Of Loneliness [Single] China/Japan 2005

We want to Rock [single]
To be released globally on 31/10/2009

Play Stop Record Release [Album] To be released Winter 2009

Set List

Just Joe plays live studio sets lasting upto 45 minutes. However if Just Joe dj's then the sets can last upto 1 hour and 30 minutes.