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 Omaha, Nebraska, USA
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Hip-Hop With Purpose Conscious & Controversial Positive & Provoking Female Hip-Hop with Live Band Universal Messages Miraj (formerly known as Lady J)


Thousands of units sold & over twenty years later, Miraj (formerly known as Lady J) has made waves as the independent powerhouse of hip-hop! Her newest release weaves verbal gymnastics over eclectic hip-hop tracks that vibe equally well on underground hip-hop radio, clubs, trucks and pop radio! Many artists claim to have music that reaches "everyone", but Miraj has perfected this formula! She writes songs with specific audiences in mind, from the brothas on the block to women's empowerment anthems to party joints and everything in between!

Growing up in a working-class neighborhood, Miraj has been no stranger to the street mentality that surrounded her. From being robbed at knife point to having bulletholes lace her front home window only minutes from arrival on the porch, Miraj has seen both the worst and best humanity in the hood has to offer.

The product of one of the increasingly few stable two-parent homes, Miraj has infused the family and spiritual values into her hip-hop that have helped generations past succeed in the uphill battle of economic disadvantage and relational upheaval.

Miraj's conscious lyrics and challenging themes of relationships, sexuality, empowerment and feminine ghetto interpretations have provoked nightclub to livingroom discussions around the nation. She is a welcome alternative to the sexually-charged, materialistic, hedonistic themes featured in average urban music -- but still has the hard edge necessary to compete in the male-dominated, competitive hip-hop market. She has been stylistically compared to Da Brat, lyrically compared to Lauryn Hill, KRS-One and Kanye West, and music business/production skills compared to Missy Elliott and The Neptunes. But as her name implies, Miraj is one of the few artists that defies categorization. In her own words, Miraj describes her name as "just when you think you've got me figured out, I change up on you - just like a Miraj!"

Event sponsors around the country have invited her to her events because of her extreme entertainment value including her live band with female drummer, dancers and Miraj's own verbal and musical talent (including her unique hip-hop violin performance)! Miraj plays drums, keyboards, violin and voice, all of which you will see in a live show. Additionally, her universal, positive and uplifting lyrical themes position her for any type of venue, from nightclubs & bars, arenas, colleges, school rallies, outdoor events and even church events! Audiences of all ages and demographics from over 22 states have already experienced the Miraj--your venue can be next!

Miraj's industry credibility has been acknowledged through several awards over the years including BMI and the recipient of the 2nd Annual Midwest Entertainment Music Award for Female Hip-Hop/Rap Artist of the Year. Her music videos have been played on BET affiliates across the country.

Miraj is one-half of the urban production/recording/music business conglomerate, QMG. She, along with her business partner, Landa GoldenEars (also known as LuvLuv), are the world's only two-female urban production powerhouse! You can hear their stellar production and songwriting skills on Miraj's releases, LuvLuv releases, and on hundreds of tracks for the midwest's premiere urban and pop artists. Their company, formed in 2000, features a one-stop source for recording, production, marketing, graphics, duplication, record label and music business assistance. Miraj's Master's degree in Media Management provides the educational and business background for the enterprise, in addition to her years of experience as a radio DJ, video VJ, producer, artist and public speaker.

Miraj beings experience, skills and true entertainment value to an event of any size and type. Additionally, her company, QMG, is available to do public speaking and seminars on a variety of topics, from educational encouragement, music business seminars, drug & gang-free rallies, and even church speaking engagements for youth and adults on matters of faith. You've seen many rap acts before, but there is only one Miraj experience.
Female Holy Hip-Hop Veteran Miraj (formerly known as Lady J) is hard-hitting hip-hop with Christ-relevant treatments of topics like abortion, lesbianism, relationships, and clear-cut Christ apologetics! Miraj is the author of the world's only "Who's Who in Christian Hip-Hop Resource Directory"; author of the history of gospel rap music from the 1930's thru 1995; and has been interviewed by CNN, Vibe, YSB Magazine and Gospel Flava Magazine on holy hip-hop topics.

Her smooth, yet hard-edged sound has been described as “Message oriented and lyrically gritty at the same time” and “a skillful east-coast-oriented flow” (Underground Soundz Magazine). She’s shared stages with the likes of Too $hort, Boogie Monsters, OGG's and others. Rough yet smooth, Miraj is a welcome feminine edition to hip-hop!

Miraj has made appearances across the USA since 1985-a member of


Miraj Quick Stats

Written By: Miraj

Lady J has seen over 200 people commit to Christ through 22 years of hip-hop gospel ministry and has received reports of at least two physical healings of people who listened to her releases!

Interviewed by CNN, Vibe Magazine and YSB Magazine as an authority on holy hip-hop.

Midwest Entertainment Music Award – Female Gospel (nominee)
Recognition at BMI national conference for gospel rap

Stat Sheet:
• Solo female rapper Lady J’s “The Message” (1993) was the second full-length solo female gospel rap release in history
• Over Twenty years performing experience
• International distribution (Spirit)
• Heavy local and national touring
• Lady J is a seasoned artist
• Radio servicing to 100 stations
• Music video in rotation on 15+ TV programs nationwide
• Album serviced to magazines for review
• Internet Website with 1000+ hits monthly
• Recent album release party with local TV, radio and print ad campaign
• Local name recognition and loyal local following
• Heavy local video rotation
• Loyal fan list with 1000+ names (300+ names locally)
• Full page ad in Rap/R&B Guide (Black college spring break issue)
• Author of Who's Who in Christian Hip-Hop Resource Directory-recognized as a gospel rap authority with extensive knowledge of gospel rap history and market industry
• Issue-oriented songs about hypocrisy, abortion, lesbianism, Christology, etc.
• Engineered by platinum-selling engineer Jon Gugenheim (engineer for such star artists as Babyface, Bobby Brown, Karyn White, etc.)

Full page ad in Rap/R&B Guide (Black college spring break issue)
Featured artist in In His Hands Magazine
Name mention in Heaven's Hip-Hop Magazine
Name mention in CCM Magazine
Full interview in GospelFlava Magazine

More Stats:
States Lady J has performed:
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota

States with radio airplay:
New York
South Carolina

States with video rotation:
New York
New Jersey
Fan List:
1000+ on fan list
1000+ website visits per month


Written By: Miraj

(p)(c) QMG. All Rights Reserved. Published by J Word Publishing (BMI) / Plenpotentiary Publishing (BMI). Produced by Miraj (Dem Girlz Productions).

As I enter your room I flip light switches on sleepwalkers
Illuminating cardiac dungeons from narcissistic stupors
Enlightening with elevation I rise you rise
Extracting carnal carnivores from Beelzebubs's demise
Snatching indigent souls from unconscious finctioning
Graveraiderz step forward strapped with sonic unctioning
From that ghost called Holy I seep through like a mist
Causing spiritual interference as evil minions I dismiss
Back and shoulders like a T as I infiltrate territories
Expelling ignorance like expectorants simplifying complexities
Spilling forth apologetics I speak enticingly
Calling lost souls from vices as mentally I supercede
All of false logic's foundation of unbelief
I weave Emmanuel's teaching over hip hop beats
See Im a cemetery missionary crusadin' for Yahweh
Pointing cultural peers to revere Him as I raid their graves

grave raiderz raiderz
grave raiderz
graveraiderz raiderz
comin to raid your grave

Stalking through urban jungles cloaked in hip hop vernacular
Spectacular invading your dark territories like dracula
But replenish new blood rather than take I give new souls
By penetrating with Christ light through your dark corners I roll
I'm raiding graves snatching the lost from the enemy
Releasing shackles and freeing the condemened from captivity
Planting seeds for the Lord of the harvest to till
Like rogaine minoxidil barren wastelands are refilled
If you know not the Savior you be among the walking dead
Instead I raid your grave let Christ rise as the head
Transfusion infusion of His eternal blood transfer
Advance now presented with new life what's your answer?


So I slither like a rattler through your hood at late hours
Wading through alcohol glass headstones and cannabis funeral flowers
As skeletons party at the clubs I enter tombs called bars
Where secular is predominant broken hearts are filled with scars
The dance floor is filled with dead bones I play my tracks to recuscitate
One is in tune with me I spot another grave to raid
Anointed I use the Holy script like a pickaxe
Then I dig deeper till I hit six feet then I advance
To proceed to bust casket locks with words filled with His wisdom
Tear the dead from the casket out from interior plush prison
Wipe off coroner's makeup the dead one used to imitate life
With fake smiles covering sorrow I penetrate to soul inside
Presenting one holy avenue haven't you seen or heard my action
Attraction breathing new life to bones creating spiritual satisfaction
Image your souls in the throes of the death filled with sin's formaldehyde
But you can rise from your grave escape through Jesus Christ

chorus 3x


Written By: Miraj

(p)(c) QMG. All Rights Reserved. Published by J Word Publishing (BMI) / Plenpotentiary Publishing (BMI). Produced by Miraj (Dem Girlz Productions).

In the beginning Christ was plain your subject matter was strong
Like black coffee your aim was for Jesus to be known
See your first album you was filled with zeal
There was only one focus that was Jesus is real
You did your shows for free and said "its all about ministry man"
You thanked em for the love offerings they gave you and you was happy
Because when no one else did you believed in the vision
To save souls put your heart in your flows made a decision
To put Jesus front and center in your music
You got persecuted but it didn't matter to ya you would still do it
See you worked two jobs for finances didnt care that your funds was spent
'Cause simply doin God's work is what made you content
See, lives changed was your aim by His precious Holy Spirit
And time in prayer and the Word was evidenced in your lyrics
So god blessed your endeavors and He moved upon your faith
But along the way i have to say that something changed

you changed youre not the same
you changed you changed

You started gettin a little noteriety
A little more popularity and then in came a subtle form of pride
As the labels vied for your attention your shows got bigger in size
And something happened expectations got higher you didn't realize
That you didn't used to mind spending time sleeping at host family's houses
But now you demand a hotel room instead of a couch
And now you get a little frustrated if the crowd is too small
You feel you're wasting your time and that you shouldn't have come at all
And if the sound system ain't tight then your attitude ain't right
Oh no no no you'd never tell but it makes you want to put down the mic
See it's funny how when you first started doing your shows
It didn't matter acapella you just wanted to flow for the Lord
Oh you'd deny it if asked but your expectations got higher
You find yourself disappointed if things wasn't exactly right
As you prospered you forgot how you got where you came
That it was only the anointing as you proclaimed Jesus' name


Now let's talk about the money
Whatever happened on occasion to hearing His Spirit and taking a love offering?
Now your contracts and fees prevent the smaller ministries
Because if you they cant pay then you they won't see
Now of course we all know that there's a balance
That God will bless those who do His work and who do it with excellence
And we know a workman is worthy of due compensation
But whatever happened to trusting in God's priovision just to make it?
First Corinthinans 7 is the minister's text
Paul explains the balance point of what you give and what you get
Sponsors should give materially for what is given spiritually
But Paul nevers decrees to us that we demand this fee
Because the industry's made you think that every show must have a fee
With no flexibility to go where the Spirit sees need
But you can't see because it happened so gradually
That now you're less so for the ministry and moreso for the money


Now in your effort to reach more people
Now you're downplaying the gospel in the hopes that you can reach them
'Cause now you're reaching more but your impact is less
Though your motive started off right now it just don't pass the test
'Cause you think that promoting you promotes Christ automatically
But your own limelight's in the way and His message is staticy
Like a weak AM station cause no one can dial in
You've got great dj's and choreography but little Christ content
And with each new album a little less of His Word is quoted
You've broadened your subject matter but Christ has been demoted
You still have the form of a minister but the Spirit has been diluted
By yourself the cares of the world the industry and His name is muted
But what got you there will keep you there so make sure you end like you started
Keep Christ center stage and it's His Spirit that will draw them
See those who will will get saved and those who won't will player hate
But it's our responsibility to lift up His name

chorus out


2006 Tell Me Some More (CD)
2003 Flash Tha Green (video)
2001 Opportunity (CD single)
1997 On Top Of The World (CD/cassette)
1997 Who's Who in Christian Hip-Hop (1997) (book)
1996 Who's Who in Christian Hip-Hop (1996) (book)
1995 Sanctified Vibe (video)
1995 The Zone (Single)
1993 The Message (CD/cassette)

Set List

Sets can range from one song to two 45 minute sets. Sponsors have the option of:
Miraj solo (tracks)
Miraj duo (tracks + live drummer)
Miraj band (tracks plus band/dancers)

Also, Miraj is available for ministry speaking engagements, seminars, etc. She can bring the Word or teach on a variety of topics. Most requested include:
Ministering the Word
Music Industry Seminars (copyrights, publishing, recording, production, stage performance, setting up a record label, etc.)
Women's Issues
Urban Issues
Economic Empowerment
Youth Issues
other topics upon request