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Lady J

Omaha, Nebraska, United States | INDIE | AFM

Omaha, Nebraska, United States | INDIE | AFM
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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Pastor Bob"

Greetings in the name of Jesus! This letter is being penned from the depth of mv heart. Recently we had Lady "J" from Omaha come and share in concert to our kids (youth) and all those in our community who were moved by the Holy Spirit to attend the concert. Jacquie was recommended by our youth pastor who met and saw her at another concert. Let me encourage you at this time about Ladv "J"s ministry. As you know the word to minister is Diakonos in the Greek which means a servant, an attendant, one who waits on others, all in humility of the love of Jesus. Her sharing is based on pure scripture and God’s divine love. Her love and compassion to reach the youth is overwhelming. I personally was blessed by Ladv "J"’s ministry of music and her ability to touch lives.
I recommend you call her and use her for God's glory! By the way I also asked her to perform 2 songs after our Sunday service, which our pepole also received Jacquie's warmth of love. Praise God and may he continue to use Lady "J".
- Calvary Chapel Church

"Nebraska Dept of Correctional Services"

This letter is to again thank you for your appearances at the Youth Development Center-Geneva on December 19, 1993 and again on January 23, 1994.
Your message of hope and victory in Jesus was well received by the youth of our facility. Many of these young people expressed to me personally how much they enjoyed your presentation and would like to see you return at a later date. The message of hope has proven to be of utmost importance to our young people, seeing as many come from situations and circumstances that do not provide a lot of hope.
Again, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your interest in our youth at YDC-Geneva, and would like to encourage your continued involvement. May God richly bless your ministry.
- Pastor Edward C. Price Chaplain, YDC-Geneva

"Living Faith Church"


This letter is to recommend to you "Lady J" (Jacquie Gines) and her powerful ministry of Christian Rap.
I've known Jacquie for many years as her Pastor so I've watched her grow up living a consistent Christian life-style. She practices what she raps!
Pastors or congregations who are not used to rap will be able to enjoy her ministry because what she raps is very scriptural. It's a poetic way to preach and she is like a female John The Baptist with lots of rhythm!
Her creativity is every bit as good if not better than nationally known rap artists. I was moved to tears as I listened to her song "Sister Girl". It's a song about a young woman who gets an abortion. The song is about concerning ourselves with the damaged and wounded mothers. I also like the punch of "Undercover Christians". She writes her own material and it is very good.
I like ministries that stress holiness and repentance-something with real spiritual substance. "Lady J" is not some worldly entertainer with a watered down milky message. There is anointing, conviction, enlightenment-in short-a great confrontation with truth when she ministers. She will hold the attention of all age groups and is at ease in front of any audience of any size. She has lots of showmanship.
Her ability to entertain will captivate an audience and they'll get zonked with truth before they realize what happened.
You'll find her to be very nice to work with-honest, committed, and flexible. She has a delightful personality, quick wit, and spiritual determination. She's at home ministering to saved or unsaved and can do church concerts or outdoor rallies.
I highly recommend her.

D. Wes Daughenbaugh
- Pastor Wes Daughenbaugh


A pretty unique release from Omaha, Nebraska. Check it…a female rapper outta the deep regions of the Midwest with a skillful East Coast oriented flow. Not unique to you yet? What if I were to tell you that she's a Christian emcee? Yup message oriented and lyrically gritty at the same time. MK - Underground Soundz Magazine


2006 Tell Me Some More (CD)
2003 Flash Tha Green (video)
2001 Opportunity (CD single)
1997 On Top Of The World (CD/cassette)
1997 Who's Who in Christian Hip-Hop (1997) (book)
1996 Who's Who in Christian Hip-Hop (1996) (book)
1995 Sanctified Vibe (video)
1995 The Zone (Single)
1993 The Message (CD/cassette)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Thousands of units sold & over twenty years later, Miraj (formerly known as Lady J) has made waves as the independent powerhouse of hip-hop! Her newest release weaves verbal gymnastics over eclectic hip-hop tracks that vibe equally well on underground hip-hop radio, clubs, trucks and pop radio! Many artists claim to have music that reaches "everyone", but Miraj has perfected this formula! She writes songs with specific audiences in mind, from the brothas on the block to women's empowerment anthems to party joints and everything in between!

Growing up in a working-class neighborhood, Miraj has been no stranger to the street mentality that surrounded her. From being robbed at knife point to having bulletholes lace her front home window only minutes from arrival on the porch, Miraj has seen both the worst and best humanity in the hood has to offer.

The product of one of the increasingly few stable two-parent homes, Miraj has infused the family and spiritual values into her hip-hop that have helped generations past succeed in the uphill battle of economic disadvantage and relational upheaval.

Miraj's conscious lyrics and challenging themes of relationships, sexuality, empowerment and feminine ghetto interpretations have provoked nightclub to livingroom discussions around the nation. She is a welcome alternative to the sexually-charged, materialistic, hedonistic themes featured in average urban music -- but still has the hard edge necessary to compete in the male-dominated, competitive hip-hop market. She has been stylistically compared to Da Brat, lyrically compared to Lauryn Hill, KRS-One and Kanye West, and music business/production skills compared to Missy Elliott and The Neptunes. But as her name implies, Miraj is one of the few artists that defies categorization. In her own words, Miraj describes her name as "just when you think you've got me figured out, I change up on you - just like a Miraj!"

Event sponsors around the country have invited her to her events because of her extreme entertainment value including her live band with female drummer, dancers and Miraj's own verbal and musical talent (including her unique hip-hop violin performance)! Miraj plays drums, keyboards, violin and voice, all of which you will see in a live show. Additionally, her universal, positive and uplifting lyrical themes position her for any type of venue, from nightclubs & bars, arenas, colleges, school rallies, outdoor events and even church events! Audiences of all ages and demographics from over 22 states have already experienced the Miraj--your venue can be next!

Miraj's industry credibility has been acknowledged through several awards over the years including BMI and the recipient of the 2nd Annual Midwest Entertainment Music Award for Female Hip-Hop/Rap Artist of the Year. Her music videos have been played on BET affiliates across the country.

Miraj is one-half of the urban production/recording/music business conglomerate, QMG. She, along with her business partner, Landa GoldenEars (also known as LuvLuv), are the world's only two-female urban production powerhouse! You can hear their stellar production and songwriting skills on Miraj's releases, LuvLuv releases, and on hundreds of tracks for the midwest's premiere urban and pop artists. Their company, formed in 2000, features a one-stop source for recording, production, marketing, graphics, duplication, record label and music business assistance. Miraj's Master's degree in Media Management provides the educational and business background for the enterprise, in addition to her years of experience as a radio DJ, video VJ, producer, artist and public speaker.

Miraj beings experience, skills and true entertainment value to an event of any size and type. Additionally, her company, QMG, is available to do public speaking and seminars on a variety of topics, from educational encouragement, music business seminars, drug & gang-free rallies, and even church speaking engagements for youth and adults on matters of faith. You've seen many rap acts before, but there is only one Miraj experience.
Female Holy Hip-Hop Veteran Miraj (formerly known as Lady J) is hard-hitting hip-hop with Christ-relevant treatments of topics like abortion, lesbianism, relationships, and clear-cut Christ apologetics! Miraj is the author of the world's only "Who's Who in Christian Hip-Hop Resource Directory"; author of the history of gospel rap music from the 1930's thru 1995; and has been interviewed by CNN, Vibe, YSB Magazine and Gospel Flava Magazine on holy hip-hop topics.

Her smooth, yet hard-edged sound has been described as “Message oriented and lyrically gritty at the same time” and “a skillful east-coast-oriented flow” (Underground Soundz Magazine). She’s shared stages with the likes of Too $hort, Boogie Monsters, OGG's and others. Rough yet smooth, Miraj is a welcome feminine edition to hip-hop!

Miraj has made appearances across the USA since 1985-a member of