3 Piece metal band from Keswick,Ontario released full length album "Commence" back in august, They have shared the stage with Lamb of god, God Forbid, Kittie, Periphery, Devin Townsend and many more!


Originally formed in 2008, Manahan is a young power trio from Keswick Ontario. Recently shared the stage with Lamb of god at the sold out show in Toronto. Fronted by 19 year old Cory Manahan, with Kris Merriman on drums and Kevin Whittaker on bass. The group has quickly begun to lay path to metal stardom. With stylistic influences ranging from Pantera to Slayer and Metallica to Megadeth, Manahan create a unique sound hard to group into any category. Cory Manahan began playing guitar at the age of ten years old. By age 12, he was already playing bars doing cover songs. Though his playing was early influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath – Cory would use these as stepping stones to form the style that became Manahan. With the new album entitled “Commence” newly released, Manahan are set to take on the world. The album is straight from the heart. Cory Manahan and Dan Preston worked for months making it the best album it could be. With lyrical content ranging from important subjects as substance abuse to perseverance, “Commence” provides an artistic in depth look at some of the darkest sides of society. Manahan are ready and poised to continue their trek to the top. It's been a non stop thrill ride for the young trio, and only time will tell where they will end up.



"If Today Was The Last Day" (Single)

Set List

No Time
Don't Believe
The End
Bitter Inhale
Blinded Life
The Last Time