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Most Hi-Fi represents a change in the winds of hip hop and overall music as their debut album features social and politcally conscious lyrics set to contemporary basslines with an alternative appreciation for live instrumentation.


Most Hi Fi

“When it started, hip hop was a reference tool,” says Mecca ½ of the new rap duo Most HiFi, of his earliest music-related memories. “That substance was there when hip hop as an art form was born. We want to be a part of the movement that is innovating today’s hip hop culture. We want our music to leave people with perspective, inspiration, substance.” From Mecca’s prolific way of addressing anything hip hop related, to the legacy passed down to the duo, there are imminent signs that Most HiFi is preparing to spearhead a revolution. Revolution is a concept that certainly is not far from the group’s definition as Most HiFi is the first project to debut on Public Enemy front man Chuck D’s new record label, SlamJamz.

Most Hi Fi consists of two emcees, Mecca (aka Janol Holmes) and Vel (aka Lavell Hewitt). Mecca and Vel present the perfect balance to the current music scene. Queens, NY born Mecca with his commanding tone and aggressive delivery on a track evokes memories of the northern emcees of old. Vel’s laidback southern style is a bit more contemporary and is a direct result of his hometown of New Orleans, LA.

Mecca credits UTFO, Run DMC, Whodini, Boogie Down Productions and of course Public Enemy as being his earliest influences of music and shaping his adolescence. “My first real impression of hip hop is Run DMC’s Rock Box,” Mecca recalls fondly. “I remember having the ghetto blaster and walking the streets with it on my shoulder blasting that song.”

An avid fan of Public Enemy and other social and politically conscious rap groups Mecca says he studied the names and information he heard Chuck D, KRS One and others speak about in their music. Later these seeds sewn by Mecca’s hip hop idols would take root and blossom as he became an outspoken proactive leader later in his community. It also lead to him picking up a pen and writing lyrics that he felt would be socially relevant to his generation.

While Mecca’s first memories of music included Run DMC, Vel remembers the live instruments and rich musical culture all around him in New Orleans. “I grew up around live bands, junk bands, brass brands a lot of instruments. In New Orleans we had a lot of local music that belonged just to us; like Gregory D, Sporty T, Rebirth,” Vel says. Born into a musical environment Vel was writing lyrics at age nine and soon was listening to the likes of 8Ball & MJG, Ice Cube and Outkast. He also credits Public Enemy with helping him through some rough years during adolescence. “Everyone processes and interprets music differently. One message can help many different people in different situations,” he says.

Eventually Mecca and Vel’s journeys lead both of them to Clark Atlanta and a chance meeting at the Woodruff Arts Center. By that time Mecca and Vel had cultivated their very different lyrical styles and realized that together they presented the perfect balance. Mecca had the benefit of meeting his mentor Chuck D. several years earlier through a series of events that can only be described as pre-destined. Chuck was impressed with the two and decided they would be the flagship project for his newly developed Slamjamz label.

All of the history, hard times and memories of a much younger, much stronger hip hop culture have primed Most Hi Fi for the March 2006 release of their album, ‘Everything’s gonna be alright’. While their music has been referred to as revolutionary, hard hitting and innovative, Mecca and Vel insist they are just trying to make music that will inspire and entertain their fans the way they were inspired and entertained growing up. Besides the message, Most HiFi is also unique in that they’ve incorporated a live band into their live performances. “The band aspect brings a different aspect, an entirely different element and new meaning to the term live show in hip hop. We are using real music and instrumentation and it brings an energy that you can’t duplicate,” Mecca says.

While their message and their live shows may have some critics grouping Most HiFi with underground acts, Chuck D is certain that his group has a much bigger appeal. “Most Hi Fi brings an important and powerful element to music that has an appeal that can transcend above the underground scene to become relevant and entertaining to the vast mainstream,” he believes.

“This squad has really come the distance to where it is today. True art in these times of die tryin’ to be rich, has few smiling upon it. This is why I really dig MOST Hi-Fi.” Chuck D


The 1st singles are "Here we go now" and "Let it be". "Here we go now" is a new hip-hop anthem that is getting rave reviews from critics all over. "Let it be" is the commercial radio friendly song which has a video that is slated to air mid-spring.

Set List

The set contains 5 songs which includes. 1. "INTRO" (an energetic introductory song)
2. "No Hook ("our follow up song that showcases the band")
3. "The M.O.S.T'z" (An hype hip hop interactive crowd participation song)
4. "Let It Be" (a mellow slow groove with smooth vocals)
5. "Here We Go Now" ( The Official Hip Hop Anthem of 2006)

1. Our live show features our band, back ground vocalist and DJ Frost. We have packaged shows that range from 10mins; 25mins; 45mins or longer if needed.