we are a hard hitting band with a sound thats been describe as like being hit by a freight train. we put on a explosive live performance that always makes for a great show.


Socket are a four-piece Hard Rock band from Harlow, England. The band has everything from crunching riffs to soft melodies. Since hitting the club circuit in the local area in early 2009 they have had a growing fan base with venue owners and the public loving their explosive performances. The band not only are having public success but digital success, receiving much positive feed back from listeners of myspace ( and with listeners of number one music ( as well this having their track Unwanted played by Radio Ultra, moscows biggest radio station.


unwanted - played by radio ultra, russia and by YMS, Uk

Set List

current set list is

I'm alone
Proud to be me
New found Hatred
Broken Reality

we have 35 mins of material with our current set list.