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Big Noise Breaking Artist
Josh Allen and Turning PointHey everybody -
Hope your summer's going great.
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Lead guitarist Josh Allen talks about Turning Point: 'Turning Point's
music is, to me, a different way to look at rock 'n' roll. It is a music
type that is fun and energetic, but at the same time, means a lot to
each member; we want the rest of the world to relate to our music and
feel as we did when we wrote the songs.'

'Turning Point got its start my junior year of high school, 2005. We
only got together to perform one show for the school. This would mark
the first show in Turning Point's career. After we played the show, we
realized how good we felt we were and decided to stay together.'

'My grandma were very close and I loved her more than anything, she was
my best friend. She passed away and this spun a whole new web of
heartache and music into my life. With Turning Point staying together, I
now had an outlet for my feelings in Turning Point songs, therefore,
this significant day is a lot of my inspiration for my writing.'

'Turning Point kept at it slowly, just playing a show every two months
or so. Until the first half of my senior year, 2005, Turning Point
didn't play much. However, when we did decide to go for it, we went for
it all the way. We played 3 to 4 times a week. We became a really
popular bar band in Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma. This was not
at all satisfying to me. I wanted more. With this thought, I started to
get upset and really testy with the guys in the band.'

'Ultimately, this caused the band to break up in mid-2006. We played
together for about two years, before this big break up. We had had so
many changes in the band and so many different members, that it was hard
for me to want to keep it together anyway, however, this breakup broke
my heart. I went on to play with several different bands, and ended up
doing well for myself in the music biz. I played with a band out of
Dallas, Strangleweed, and toured Asia and played on TV. After
Strangleweed, I went on to move to Boston and play with a fast-growing
band out of Boston. During my trip to Boston, I started talking to the
guys in my old desire, Turning Point. We talked and talked and finally
they decided that they wanted to be together. I didn't know how to put
this back together, because I was in Boston. I decided what my passion
was, so I flew back to Texas and Turning Point recorded a great music
video, and now here we are ready to for anything...and the best we ever
have been.'

Some major influences for the band: The Beatles, The Band, Creedence
Clearwater Revival, Aerosmith, Tesla, Mr. Big, Matchbox Twenty, The
Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, the Black Crowes, .38 Special, the Marshall
Tucker Band, the Allman Brothers. There are a vast array of influences
for this band. Those are some of the main influences, however, each
member is seperately influenced. It is sometimes hard to distinguish a
favorite and an influence.

'Turning Point's music is different because of my unique way of writing.
The singer also has a different way of writing and we make a great
writing team. The difference in music starts when you pick up the pen to
write it. We enjoy making our stuff different. We put every feeling that
we feel in our music, and that in itself makes it different. Music
today, I feel, has lost its soul and feeling. We want to bring that
back. That is what's different.'

Career Highlights: 'Being voted #1 Rock Band in our home town; Josh
Allen, lead guitarist, getting a full front page article in the Paris
News; going on tour in Asia, playing on CBS Morning Show. We have a tour
with Adema next month, and then we have a date to play again on CBS.'

'It is important for us to connect with music fans because we are young
(avg. age 19 in the whole band) and have a completely different outlook
on life in music. We enjoy being artists. With us being young, we are
excited about always keeping in-touch with our fans. This is our outlet
to the people. We want to offer, as artists, whatever the fans want. We
are just down-to-earth country boys from a small town in Texas. I can't
wait for Turning Point to reach out to all the people and all of our
fans. We would love to live the rest of our lives playing music for the
- Al Gomes & A. Michelle of Big Noise

"Page Drum Announces Kenn Youngar's Endorsement"

"<http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e100/youngstar_06/ModernDrummerBlurb.jpg"> - Modern Drummer


Turning Point - Love to Hate Us; Hate to Love Us
Turning Point - 'Advolo' * Our newest LP just released July 27, 2007...we are now touring nationally with Adema in support of our new album...




Turning Point is a young, energetic, 5 piece pop/rock band from Paris, Texas.
Not many bands have this type of mature song writing ability as well as a strong work ethic at such a formative age.
In the spirit of Hinder and Matchbox 20, their relaxed rock n� roll sound and image is nothing short of normal for this barely out of high school band.
Josh Allen 19, (lead guitar) Jacy Sharp 18, (rhythm guitar) Jay Curt McKee 19, (bass) Daniel Hayes 20, (vocals) and Kenn Youngar [stopped counting at 21](drums) round out this Lone Star State incarnation.
Like most bands, this rock and rollercoaster has had its ups and downs. The band took a break almost a year ago when lead guitarist Josh Allen saw opportunity to travel overseas with a Dallas, Texas rock band Strangleweed managed by Kenn. Their international tour took them to The Pacific to perform at naval bases for the troops and to see parts of the world like Diego Garcia that even signed bands will never get to see. Local news, television and radio jumped on board to commemorate the occasion as they headed to Japan, Singapore and beyond the Indian Ocean on a tour of the Pacific with the Armed Forces Entertainment Program in full support.
That friendship with Kenn would prove invaluable when the opportunity arose to find a quick replacement Drummer in Turning Point the day before their video shoot for �On My Way Home�. This song was written overseas on that tour in dedication to the troops and their families. (Available to download on www.ourmillionsalutes.com)
The most recent National Tour with Immortal Recording artists Adema proved that after 32 days of constant touring only whetted their appetite for the road.
Their up coming South American co-headlining tour with Candlebox is just the tip of the iceberg of good things to come for this light hearted and easy going group.
So what is Turning Points take on their place in the music business?
They believe it can be summed up in a quote by philosopher Oswald Spengler.

��our purpose: to make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us; to live in such a way that we may be proud of ourselves; to act in such a way that some part of us lives on.�

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