Off Peak Fare

Off Peak Fare


Off Peak Fare; the uber-talented genre-fusing quartet creatively blending rock and pop with soul and jazz for a sound that has proven positvely buzzworthy! A band that truly prides themselves on their live performance!


PORT JEFFERSON, NY- Billy Joel should stop singing about the lack of fish in the Long Island Sound and start preaching about the lack of refined musical acts back on land.

How does a Pop/Soul band emerge from the lifeless canyon created by Emo and Cover Bands that is known as the Long Island Music Scene? They go BIG, and they go big because they have to. The club scene here is barren. Original bands need not apply for weekend gigs. The locals have little faith in their hometown artists. The scene is a musical third world of sorts. There is, however, a very bright light at the end of the tunnel; Not only has OFF PEAK FARE ( survived in these conditions, they have flourished.

The result is this quartet of twenty-somethings, with a precociously heightened musical sense, and their commercial-radio-ready, hook-happy arsenal of songs. The unit is undeniably poised for longevity with their refreshing blend of Pop, Rock, Jazz and Soul along with their passion for creating intelligent music.

OPF creatively incorporates a two-lead vocal combination with the band’s primary songwriters: guitarist Mike Martino and bassist/guitarist James Lollo. Keyboardist Sean Fitzpatrick tastefully utilizes his amazing chops as the unit’s jazz-influenced primary soloist in addition to occasionally holding down the low-end, playing bass via Hammond Organ when Lollo switches to guitar. Finally, drummer JD Gargano provides consistent foundation with his distinctively colorful style while providing back up vocals.

A band known for having midget dancers on stage for their wildly entertaining and unpredictable live performances, Off Peak Fare has built up an extremely strong following in the New York area as a result of playing such legendary venues as The Knitting Factory, The Downtown, Lion’s Den, The Patchogue Theater, Stephen Talkhouse, and The Crazy Donkey, where they will return to share the stage with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic on September 13th. Among various Northeast show stops, OPF has traveled to Rhode Island as the supporting act for Columbia Recording artist Ari Hest, and as far north as Vermont with headlining performances at Mount Snow and Burlington’s renowned Nectars.

In the Summer of 2006, OPF was showcased at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and has been selected to perform at the American Music Festival on Long Island in September. The Band also receives airplay on XM Satellite Radio’s XMU and Unsigned Band Channel.

In August of 2005, named Off Peak Fare one of the “Top 5 Best Unsigned bands in the Northeast” and were featured in an industry showcase at NYC’s Makor nightclub. In March of 2006, selected OPF and its “E-Press Kit” for the industry website’s main page “In The Spotlight” section, one of only four bands chosen.

With momentum surging, the final half of 2006 has Off Peak Fare on pace for it’s most successful year yet with an ever-growing demand for the burgeoning act’s tighter than tight live show in addition to soaring profits from CD/merchandise sales. OPF’s latest studio project, “Big”, is the band’s most creatively electrifying effort to date and is the unit’s 3rd album in as many years.


Another Whisper

Written By: Michael Martino

Another whisper and a quiet dance into a room.
Can't waste time got to get out of here soon.
Cause they'll hear us talking right through the wall.
Wait a minute now and they'll begin to call.
But I'll take the fall just knowing that this will happen again.

And we'll come out crazy, tired, drunk and all.
And I'll remember you said not to worry or call.
But I never listen and you're not complaining.
I can't believe that I spent less than a week waiting to have you this way.
But I guess I got my game down.
So down.

But I never listen and you're not complaining.
I can't believe that I spent less than a week waiting to have you this way.
But I guess I got my game down.
So down.

And it's just another whisper.
Just another whisper.
And it's just because.
Just because.

Playing The Opposite

Written By: James Lollo

Everything I do

Every single day
All the friends I see
Care to have a dance,
Even in My Dream

I think of you

Every single place

Everyplace I go
Stuck inside my head
Is she wants or needs
Toss and turn in Bed

I see your face

Cause its craziness, its craziness how you do it
How you pull me down with a squished faced frown
And you liked it, watchin me die

But do you lie?
Are you trying
Do you realize
Would you notice
If I came and I saw And I wrecked what you brought when I cried on the deck last july.

And if it broke,
Could you hlpe me?
Would you fix me sir not to care again?
Cause playin the opposite might be the worst
Oh for the wanted, or shall we say cursed
But remains in spirit is the burden of love not returned

Cause Everything I Do

I think of you…

Cause every single Place

I see your face


Would you slowly
But surely operate on my soul with a sigh and a saw

But would you please please
I’m dying an I’m begging
This will be messy
Would you operate with haste and a butchers coat.
And make the first cut between my rib and my throat.

Cause she might
Think she might have
Say it’s not bad, no it’s not black

Convince me
Convince me
Can you show me?

Cause its easier to give than receive this advice we seek
When we fall from our feet
and I don’t know why
No I don’t know why
All I know right now is her and that’s for sure

They Say
The more they know the more we like you

Its good to cry, I might have died soon.

They mean…
The more they know the less they like you

If that’s the case I’ve just been lied to.

Because Of You

Written By: Jason Gargano and Mike Martino

Move back away, from me

You only cause confusion

You’re the last thing I need

You’re misunderstood completely

Worry just a place your side

You were scared and felt denied

You waited so damn long

Cause you thought that you had me down

Or so your actions did imply

So move back away form me

Your timing is not recognized,

My plans are the only thing i see

Well if I had time, I would just break down these walls

But I resist the urge to leave myself open

Bcuz of u

I’m sure I deserve a little more

But until right now that went unspoken
Verse 2
And I hope you’re on your path

To hold all that you wanted

But keep your sanity in mind

You mis judged the way, I feel

Stronger, this obsession

And I think I’m gonna take some time.

To get back the way I felt

Before I ever knew you

Before the way things used to be

So move back away from me,

You only cause confusion

And that’s the last thing I need


And You, I think you knew

But you stayed quiet, inspite of it all

Well I know you knew

But you stayed quiet, wanting me to fall CHORUS


"Big" - June 2006 (Corporate Giant Recordings)
"Double Time" - June 2005 (Self-Released).
"It's Your Circus" - June 2004 (Self-Released).
"I Would Be" from BIG (XMU- XM Radio Channel 43)
"Seismograph" from BIG (WEHM 92.9FM)
"Breaking Point" from DOUBLE TIME (WEHM 92.9FM)
"Leave" from IT'S YOUR CIRCUS (WEHM 92.9FM)
"Couldn't Make It Right," "Leave," "I Would Be" and "This Weak" from IT'S YOUR CIRCUS (WBAB 102.3FM)
full albums (Q-Waves Radio & WCRL-
various songs (WDCE, WECS, WUSB and Scrub

Set List

Set length and song list vary from venue to venue.

A typical 45 minute set could look like this:
Sly Fox
I Would Be
Follow Me
In this Dream
Blame With James.
Playing the Opposite
Due For A Tragedy

A 2 set or 2 hour show could look like this:
(original and cover tunes)

Set I:
Away We Go
Because of You
I Would Be
Boogie on Reggae Woman (Stevie Wonder)
Couldn't Make it Right
Super Freak (James)
Breaking Point
Playing the Opposite
Use Me (Withers)
Walking on the Moon (The Police)
Sly Fox

Set II:
Head Over Heals (Tears For Fears)
Follow Me
It's Tricky (Run D.M.C.)
All You Heard
Another Whisper
Burning Down the House (Talking Heads)
Latin Song
Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
Blame With James
Due For a Tragedy
Sweet Caroline (Diamond)