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Cheshire, Connecticut, United States | SELF

Cheshire, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Artist Spotlight & Interview"

I was just turned on to this young, new band that you need to hear–Offramp. Their sound is a little like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs… Sweeping guitars, jazzy keyboards, and violent drums back charged vocals to create an epic, and yet catchy soundscape. My favorite song is probably “Baba Jigida,” though what I appreciate about their sound is its range–”What Now” is a prog rock journey whereas “And You Will Never Hear Surf Music Again” is completely punk. However, all of the music is unified by the smoldering classic-rock flavor running through each tune.
I was lucky enough to get an interview with Kevin Wunderlich, the band’s guitarist, brought exclusively to you glorious Musicologists:

Me: I understand you just recorded your first EP, Innocent Business… when did you guys start playing together?

Kevin: Mike and Matt have been playing together since elementary school. I started playing and jamming with them about four years ago, and Alexa started singing with us about two years ago. Since we’ve been playing together for a good amount of time, we trust each other musically and really feel comfortable playing and improvising together.

Me: Are you familiar with the other band called Offramp ( and are you planning to do anything about the overlap in band name (since they already have an album available on CD Baby)?

Kevin: We did know when we were talking about putting our music on iTunes that there was another band with the same name. However, we’re currently in the process of making our EP available digitally on places like iTunes and Amazon. We haven’t run into any problems yet, so we’re not too worried that it will be a big issue.

Me: Offramp has an impressive diversity in sound (prog to punk to classic rock, etc.) as showcased in the songs on your myspace. What do you think unifies your music or are you even aiming for a unified sound?

Kevin: I think the fact that we’re all playing music we enjoy and want to play is what unifies it all. We have a very diverse range of influences between the four of us, and we all bring in music and ideas without worrying about limiting ourselves. We consider ourselves a “rock band” because we don’t want to be any more specific than that.

Me: What is the future of your band? Where is both the band and the sound going?

Kevin: I don’t really think we could say for sure. We’re all still young and still learning and developing as musicians, and we’re all still discovering music that’s changing our lives. Right now we’re just trying to play out as much as possible and get the music we have out there.
If it’s not obvious, I’m a huge fan and you should be too.

Check them out now: -


Innocent Business [EP] 2010



After we finished our set at a show this past summer, someone from the band playing after us came up and quietly stated, "That's the music I want to hear when I die." It might be the highest praise we've ever gotten.

Originally from Connecticut and now based out of New York, Philadelphia and CT, we're making our way to becoming a strong force in the New England area. We've been a dominant force on the Connecticut scene for the past year, playing regularly at venues such as The Space and The Webster Theater to nearly universal acclaim. We also made our New York City debut this past June at Arlene's Grocery to an incredibly positive reception. This past winter we released our debut EP "Innocent Business", with one review calling it “a little like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs…sweeping guitars, jazzy keyboards and violent drums back charged vocals to create an epic, and yet catchy soundscape”. We will be recording our second release this august with Mike Davidson of Mike Davidson Recording in Boston, where we chosen to receive the studios "indie spotlight" award.

We’re all lovers of music ourselves, and we all bring musical ideas and concepts that are all inspired by the incredibly diverse range of influences that exist between the four of us. We play music that we care about, and we’re dedicated to performing that music as passionately as we can and doing our best to get as many people to hear it.

You can hear more of our music on our myspace page at: