Offshore Radio

Offshore Radio


We're a rock band, we don't play the sub-genre game. We believe in a music world where you don't need a gimmic (tight clothes, eye liner, studded belts, etc) to get by. We're a band, we write as a band. We perform with intensity and raw emotion. We make music for the sake of making music.


"Where the hell did you guys come from?"

Considering that the two halves of Offshore Radio had never met, this was the general feeling in the air after their first jam session. It all started in February when Jacob Kelly and Brandon Hesher spotted the ad that Steven Campbell and Brian Trevorrow had posted at a local guitar shop.

The four immediately meshed very well together. With little or no discussion, Jacob's Hendrix-esque guitar playing floated perfectly along with Steven's heavy, distorted guitar lines (influenced mostly by Pearl Jam and The Who). The two guitar attack is tastefully accented with by Brian's subtle, well placed bass fills. With his tight, powerfull drumming, Brandon holds everything together.

From the very beginning, there was little doubt that they could function very well as a band. After 3 months Offshore Radio started doing shows and recorded their first demo, "20 Minutes of Business."

They quickly became known as a loud, energetic live band who's performances outweigh any studio recording.

After just under a year together, Offshore Radio recorded their first EP, "It Takes a Thief," due for a digital release in Spring 2009 and is now featured on Platform 1's Campus Music Invasion Compilation Vol IV.


20 Minutes of Business (Demo)
Platform 1's Campus Music Invasion Compilation Vol. IV
It Takes a Thief (EP) (2009)

Set List

Our set list varies from show to show but here's a list of all our songs so far:

6/8, Accused a Thief, Antarctic Anarchy, Cash Flows, Casting Call, Closing Days, Lie on Repeat, Friday the 13th, Good Morning and Goodnight, Hard Way, Hellenic, It Takes a Thief, Midas, Nature Vs. Nurture, New Age, Oh They Know, Paradise Sucks, Sinking Ships, The Bad Guy, The Politician, and Weak Poetry.

Covers we know:
Art is Hard (Cursive)
Corduroy (Pearl Jam)
Little Wing (Instr.) (Jimi Hendrix)
Tired of Sex (Weezer)
The Real Me (The Who)