Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Off the Beaten Path is a four piece from Columbus, Ohio. They are influenced by many forms of rock including, grunge, metal, alternative, indie, and many others. They pride themselves in their ability to keep a dynamic flow and aggressive presence on stage.


Off the Beaten Path is a band that began in northeast Columbus in the summer of 2008. Geoff and Charis played a lot together in friend's basements as teenagers in high school in Delaware. They moved down to Columbus to go to school and to form a musical project. They found Bo and his brother Casey through a mutual friend and began jamming and writing for about a year at chez Foeller. Making progress, they spent 2009 trying to record and build a set list. The Foeller brothers bought a house in 2009 and the project grew until Off the Beaten Path was ready to gig. The name basically is a concept of exploration and open mindedness. Overall, the band mixes punk energy with space/noise, psychedelic, dynamic/key changes. The band is always trying to find gigs and are excited about continuing their musical journey wherever it takes them.


Lies n' Allabies

Written By: Charis Yost

Time and space,
Often erase,
Your most precious dreams,
Telling lies,
And giving alibis,
Often pushes through,
The truth, to the world,
All that you've heard,
From the beginning,
And all that you've seen


Self titled EP 6 songs (non-radioplay)