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"Black Rob Released From Prison, Talks Diddy, Bad Boy Records"

After spending four years in jail, Black Rob speaks on his former label, and says Diddy turned his back on him.

Four years in prison has altered the relationship between former Bad Boy artist Black Rob and the label's owner, Diddy. After being released from incarceration this past week, Black Rob has made public his severed ties with his former boss, claiming that Diddy turned his back on him.

"If you tell me you love me and you tell me you my man, I'm going to take that and run with that," he said in an exclusive interview with BET on Friday. "When something happens to me and you turn your back on me--regardless of the situation, regardless of what we been through--I don't appreciate that…I don't respect that. If you my man, I'm going to always be your man unless you flip on me. I was under the assumption that I was family."

The rapper was sent to jail in 2006 after failing to show up to court on a grand larceny matter. Although he is no longer with Bad Boy, and holds personal issues with Diddy, he says that he takes full responsibility for his actions. "I'm not blaming Bad Boy," he assured. "Let's set the record straight. I'm not blaming P. Diddy, I'm not blaming Harve Pierre [president of Bad Boy] for my situation. That was me. I did that. I have no hatred in my heart. I don't want to retaliate and I don't want to make any records about Bad Boy."

Diddy has made no comments about Black Rob's release from prison.
- Hip Hop DX


Bunin' Da Block, Durty Kuzinz Mix CD, The Lifestyle of the Young & WrecKless, The BlockUmentary, Hip Hop - A Tale From The Hood DVD



Off The Block Entertainment is a group of artists that has similar intentions in life. Wanting to be recognized for the skills that they retain, and they all have their own way of expressing themselves with their music. Their individual style is what stands out among others. The collaboration of the artists brings out the best in each other. Each one can stand on their own just as well.

Off The Block Entertainment was founded by Jemal Mosley & Charlie Plange. Off The Block is the name we chose because those are our attentions. Take the artist Off The Block (streets) to allow them to do something positive in the music industry. The family consists of five artists which are I.G. Off & Hazadus, Cee WrecKa, and Shake & Cracc. Each artist receives respect and support from their own peers. They have established a name for themselves in their own neighborhoods and many others.

When we speak on the fact that dues must be paid in the music industry, all of the artists has paid theirs and are still paying them to this day. They have performed at several clubs, appeared on different radio stations, and participated in many open mics. Just to name a few are:


Club Speed, Club BK's, Club O's, Reflections, Billie Holiday Theatre, Hip Hop Parade, and etc.

Radio Stations

Future Flavas (Marley Marl & Pete Rock) - 97.1 FM & 105.1 FM

Underground Railroad - 103.5 FM

Stretch & Bobbito - 89.1 FM

Mayhem - 89.9 FM

and many others including satellite radio

TV Shows

Lookin' For A Deal

Street Knowledge

Uncensored Hip Hop

Off The Block Entertainment is at a level where as we are ready to take the music industry on by any means necessary. There will never be any regrets once you encounter with the O.T.B. family. The comments on the streets and within the industry are that each individual has the ability to hold it down on their own.

Off The Block Entertainment is not just a musical family. There is a common connection among each artist. The family is much deeper than just making music. The Compilation titled “Lock & Load” was the first project for Off The Block Entertainment which was an introduction in 2002. Our second Album project is titled "Burnin' Da Block" which was released in 2003 and is available for purchase now. Cee WrecKa's solo album "The Lifestyle of the Young & WrecKless" released 2005 is also available for purchase. The next release will be of I.G. Off & Hazadus album titled, "Where The Sidewalk Ends" that compliments the movie "A Tale From The Hood" directed by Harald Rumpf which is now playing is many theaters over seas. To follow that will be Shake & Cracc debut album, "The Next Generation."

For more information contact:

Jemal Mosley at (914) 804-9168 or Charlie Plange at (718) 813-4830