Off the International Radar

Off the International Radar

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

"Influential electronic drone collective" - Wavelength


At a place in between post, kraut, psychedelic and punk rock; nestled in the hills and valleys of electronic, experimental and drone, is a space that is Off The International Radar. Formed by Henry Sansom, Don Kennedy and Aaron Dawson in the basement of the Toronto house they shared, OTIR has grown from parties crammed with projected images and sweaty minds to sharing stages with Holy Fuck, A Place to Bury Strangers, Polmo Polpo, Mahogany and Quintron. A vast record collection and a deep love of music combined to bring them together, taking their different influences and honing them down into a sound variously described as epic, hypnotic and throbbing.

Combined with stunning original visuals that juxtapose and enhance the weaving of signals and noise, Off The International Radar tailor the live sound for the show, whether it be aggressive low-fi in a basement, atmospheric for an art gallery, or epic clashes at an outdoor stadium.

In 2009, Off the International Radar released the Hot Lips EP, their third EP and first release on Hand DrawnDracula. This 4-song EP featured a collaboration with Holy Fuck (XL Recordings) titled: “Holy Radar” which was recently chosen by XL Recordings to be a bonus track on the Japanese release of Holy Fuck’s second full-length: “Latin”. OTIR is currently working on the material for their second full-length and first European tour with Nadja in March 2012.


OTIR 001 - 1st EP (Spring 2002)
OTIR 002 - 2nd EP (Winter 2003)
OTIR 003 - LP/CD (April 25, 2006)
HOT LIPS - 3rd EP (September 15, 2009, Hand Drawn Dracula)

Set List

Last set approx. 50 minutes and included:

Outer Space Organization
Client 9
Hello and Wave

We only perform one set per show, usually between 45 minutes to 1 hour.