Off The Ledge

Off The Ledge

 Lansing, Michigan, USA

Off the Ledge is a fun, funky, alternative rock band from Lansing, MI. We believe that music doesn't have to be simplified to be fun. We utilize the lessons we learned from the 90's to inform us how to generate catchy, good sounding, fun music, with evident passion and purpose. We want people to understand that there are still people out there who are willing to try to make something new, and at least different from the mainstream simplicity, which is always distributed disproportionately.


"I don't know what you guys're not all blues, and you're not all funk, and you aren't just rock.  The only way I can describe your guys' sound is,  Just fun!" - Jared Talcott, frontman of the Michigan band MUDWEST, referring to Off The Ledge's style.

Music is the passion, people are the reason, fun is the method, and love is the key.  These principals are core to Off The Ledge's distinct sound and ambition.  Off The Ledge's current lineup came together in early 2015, and includes Matthew Shannon (lead vocals, guitar), Tab Wakley (lead guitar), Luke Dahlstrom (bass), and Eric Brandes (drums).

Live performances incorporate an eclectic mix of original music and covers that showcase their personalities and many influences, ranging from Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, Jack White, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, CCR, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mumford & Sons, Albert King, & Muddy Waters, to name a few.  Off The Ledge's members all remember when popular music wasn't shallow and over-processed like it is so often today.  

It's in the spirit of revival and integrity that Off The Ledge attempts to reach out to the masses, offering a hand to pull them out of the pits of mediocrity that listeners are mired in.  They study music, they respect music, and they understand that great times call for good music, which doesn't have to be reduced down to have fun listening to it.  

Off The Ledge is also versatile.  Sometimes you'll see them performing at clubs and small local venues.  Other times, you may see them playing at festivals and outdoor celebrations.  Charity events, busking, and collaborations with other artists are also performed.  They also moonlight for cover gigs, weddings, and corporate events as "The Cliffhangers", when not playing mainly original music.  

No matter what event they play at, Off The Ledge understands their role as stewards of sweet lady Music, and making that connection with the audiences they play for is paramount.  They get people moving, laughing, singing, and enjoying music that won't leave a bad taste in your mouth.  

  Come on out and have some fun with Off The Ledge!