Off Track

Off Track

 Escondido, California, USA

Off Track is one of San Diego’s most entertaining and exciting rock bands. We just finished recording our third, and most powerful CD “Explode”. It was recorded with famed producer Ryan Greene ( and is by far our greatest release yet. Off Track’s live shows are more “bombastic” than ever and have played a key role in picking up the band’s current, snowballing momentum. All new music, merchandise, and mayhem is in the works and set to “EXPLODE”!


Off Track has been a San Diego based, power trio for over a decade and is only getting stronger. We've released three full length CDs, had a role and a song in Cameron Crow's "Almost Famous"....(we're the band in the graduation scene), had songs on numerous compellations including, "Boys on top, a tribute to Avril Lavigne" released by Crosscheck/Vitamin records, and toured constantly to share and experience the wild world of music. Off Track's over a decade strong and getting more exciting by the day.

Off Track's newest CD "Explode" has had a long journey and will tell quite the story. When discussing the new CD we chewed over our options over...and over...and over. With Pro Tools so accessible (Jim has it on his lap top!) we considered a do-it-ourself-er. It was definitely a cost effective idea. We considered splitting up the recording; record some in a studio, record some ourselves. Nahhh. We had to go big or go do something else. The ultimate group desire was record with a wicked producer at an amazing studio....every groups dream. There was but one man to track down----Ryan Greene. The man behind the production of groups such as Nofx, Megadeth, and most recently some fabulous tracks for "Guitar Hero 3". Money and availability were issues, but after a few emails we jumped in the deep end. The stars aligned, a spot opened up, Ryan called and we were the money. What's a workin' band do to raise studio money? EVERYTHING! Besides playing, selling and begging we got creative. We held Off Track garage sales, chopped-split-hauled-and sold firewood by the tree load, sold anything not hooked to the house on the Internet, obsessively recycled (we added a few years to this planets life with all the collected and recycled materials!) and all worked day, and night jobs. And it was all, with out a doubt worth it..........though pouring sweat splitting logs we probably were skeptical, but in the end with "Explode" in hand it was all well worth it. The Crush Recording experience was fabulous! The whole process was amazing, unforgettable, and top notch. Everyone involved worked round the clock to churn out this little piece of music history. We went through a year of writing, planning, earning, demo-ing (hence the theme behind the lyrics to Explode), but once in the studio the time flew by and here we are, ready to rock, and share it with anyone with ears.......ok, even people without ears.

Off Track plans on endless touring, wild shows, tired, Internet-beaten fingers, and lots of rockin' adventures. So move quick, jump on board, and be ready to go Off Track.


2003 Concrete Dreams LP
2005 Squirrels Gone Wild LP
2008 Explode LP

Set List

Pay To Play
We Won't Let You Down
Leave Me Alone
Caitlyn, Caitlyn
Not A Lot Makes Sense
Play That Funky Music White Boy