Of Hearts and Hierarchy

Of Hearts and Hierarchy


Based on Metal, we branch our songs out into many diffrent aspects reaching to Hardcore, Rock, Thrash, Progressive and more


Of Hearts and Hierarchy was formed in early autumn of 2008 with a considerably different lineup than that of today's. We began with bassist, Billy and guitarist/singer Andry and two guitarists John and Sam. The band eventually, due to complications, became Billy, John and Sam in addition to Michael and Spencer on vocals and drums, respectively. They started work on what started off as a simple EP but -with the time they had left over due to the numerous delays to record their material- soon became what will one day be arguably their greatest piece of work ever: the concept album, AtrophyCorp. The album revolves around the irony of a desire for social and mental detirioration and the protagonist's downfall, thereafter. The material for the album is still being worked on and recorded.


We currently have no released songs, however, we are working on getting our 14+ songs recorded.