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The best kept secret in music


""Sweet mother of god!""

"I can't believe this band is not on a huge Metal label like Napalm, Century Media or Nuke Blast...The Voice of Alessandra is some of the most beautiful and majestic I've heard in a long time...Of Infinity will have Labels knocking on there door very soon with major record label offers."

http://www.beautyandpain.com - Beauty And Pain Magazine


"Seriously, the first thought that popped into my head when I played this EP was something along the lines of a loud exclamation of "holy shit!"...America needs more bands like Of Infinity! They are definitely a band to keep an eye on, as I expect great things from them in the future."

http://www.metalcoven.com - Metal Coven

""Of Infinity very musically talented""

"Of Infinity have really re-ignited my faith in the music industry... Alessandra Zinicola has one of the most tender, mesmerising and yet powerful voices I’ve ever heard, combined with the fast paced, operatic and haunting melodies you simply can’t resist being seduced into a stupor of passion and awe...Offering beauty, sincerity and that special ‘something’ Of Infinity really need to be heard to be loved, the more people who take notice of them, the better their lives will be."

http://www.justwannarock.com - Just Wanna Rock

""A 4 piece extraordinaire""

"After hearing this delightful treasure I still want to debate and believe they are from overseas where music of this extremely high caliber is typically from...There is no words noble enough to speak of this band as I truly wish I was gifted enough to do...My soul tells me this music makes me complete as a music collector and lover. Face it, OF INIFINITY is a band for everyone and cannot be denied. It's a pleasure to see that music has reached a new level of transformation, almost a completeness."

http://midwestmetal.info - Midwest Metal.Info

""Powerful and catchy as hell""

"The catchiness of the music is incredible...Every musician would kill for this kind of magic. Performance is flawless. Still, it's Alessandra Zinicola's powerful voice, that gets the most of attention. Her voice is beautiful, powerful and charismatic. Another fine female vocalist, that will melt any man's heart...If record labels don't sign Of Infinity, they are stupid to miss this charismatic band. Fans of female vocals in metal music should not miss this one, either. 'The Essence of Infinity' actually sounds timeless in terms of metal music."

http://www.archaicmetallurgy.com - Archaic Metallurgy

""I'm thoroughly impressed""

"...an amazing cauldron of progressive, melodic and dark metal...The production is ace, the guitar work is remarkable (especially on "Shadow of A Lie") and the rhythm section is potent, but the heart of the band's power comes from lead singer Alessandra Zinicola...The 3-song CD leaves me wanting more and I can't wait to see what is ahead for Of Infinity - I will definitely be watching."

http://www.unrestrainedmag.com - UNRESTRAINED! MAGAZINE

""Took my breath away""

"The level of talent in this band is formidable...These are 3 prime cuts of Gothic metal that radiates a dark beauty...To describe (Of Infinity's) music words such as Gothic, dark, elegant, powerful, sophisticated, and passionate are fitting terms...the arrangements to the songs on this EP are so well thought out and organized...I see a very bright future for this band..."

http://www.progressiveears.com - Progressive Ears

""A personal favorite.""

"(Of Infinity's) recording is amazing...Every instrument sounds the way it should. The guitars wail, the bass thumps, the drums hammer, the violin sings, and the piano entrances. The vocals are engulfed in beauty and hold a heavenly presence...I would not be surprised if this band is signed and touring within the next year. For fans of gothic and progressive metal, Of Infinity stakes its claim as a band that will go far."

http://www.darksoul7.com - DarkSoul VII

""Near perfect in every aspect""

"Once in a while I do get a CD that gets me so involved with the music that I forget the CD is from an independent artist.The EP The Essence Of Infinity by Of Infinity had proven to be just that CD, the Diamond in the ruff that we strive to listen to as Independent music reviewers...Listening to this EP reminded me of the excitement I got when my favorite major label band released their newest material...Wow, what a great CD!"

http://www.evor.com - EvO:R

""I thought I was listening to a professional label release""

"I was impressed by the demo, and it’s not that easy to win me over these days. There is just too few bands willing to try and be different...The almost Angelic voice of Alessandra Zinicola cutting through the well orchestrated melodies. She really does have a great voice, and it is very powerful... shall keep my fingers crossed for their hopeful signing of a record deal."

http://www.maximummetal.com - Maximum Metal


The Essence Of Infinity (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Of Infinity was conceptualized and born in 1999 by founding members, guitarist Nazareth Sando (formally of Little Rock’s Fallen Empire (www.fallenempire.org) and vocalist/synthasist Alessandra Zinicola. Living hundreds of miles apart, Nazareth and Alessandra began flying cross the US between New Jersey and Arkansas to develop them selves and their music. Their quest for adept band members has taken them on all sides of the country with notable stops in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, New Jersey, and Utah, where in Salt Lake City, the band was solidified with the joining of bassist, Kurtis Kyllo. The band has since settled in San Antonio, Texas where they acquired new drummer, Carlos Teller. The band writes, records, and plays music that is as intense and beautiful as can be created. Described as heavy, gothic, doom, progressive, and melodic, and likened to such bands as Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Nightwish, and Theatre Of Tragedy, Of Infinity is appealing to fans of all styles of metal and hard rock. With an uncompromising drive, Of Infinity continues to bring into being breathtaking metal…metal that’s powerful, metal that’s melodic, metal that’s dark…the metal Of Infinity.

Nazareth Sando: Guitars
From: Little Rock, Arkansas
Former: Fallen Empire guitarist/synthesist
Influences: Zakk Wylde, Opeth, Lacuna Coil, In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Soundgarden, Pantera, Danzig.

Alessandra Zinicola: Vocals/Piano/Synths
From: Staten Island, NY/Clinton, NJ
Former: Utah Opera and Symphony Composer
Influences: Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, In Flames, The Beatles, Theatre Of Tragedy, Ozzy, Billy Joel, Sarah McLachlan, Type-O-Negative.

Kurtis Kyllo: Bass
From: Salt Lake City, Utah
Former: Pinkeye bassist
Influences: Cradle Of Filth, Tristania, Immortal, Venom, Type O Negative, Iron Maiden.

Carlos Teller: Drums
From: Laredo/San Antonio, Texas
Former: St. Anne and April Death drummer
Influences: King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Blind Guardian, Children of Bodom, Death, Candlemass, Helloween.

Of Infinity

Of Infinity
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