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"Ofir's Task of Mind Release"

// INVITE THE WORLD// International 8 Time award winning artist Ofir Engel is releasing her bonus track single CD at the special celebrity 9/11 event in Hollywood. The CD is considered the anthem of our America Heroes. The "Fire Escape" song is dedicated to the FDNY.
/// TICKETS TO EVENT ONLY THROUGH www.cops4causes.org //// - Pinvents

"Ofir Headliner at Miss North Hollywood Pageant"

1st Annual Miss North Hollywood Pageant at El Portal Theater in North Hollywood on September 15, 2013
September 15, 2013 - North Hollywood, CA, USA - Exposay

"Singer Ofir Engel And Mayor Ron Jones Attends The Cops 4 Event"

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 11: Singer Ofir Engel and Mayor Ron Jones attends the Cops 4 Causes hosts 2nd annual 'Heroes Helping Heroes' benefit concert at House of Blues Sunset Strip on September 11, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Ben Horton/Getty Images) - Ben Horton-Getty Images

"Slow Dance by Ofir Engel"

Slow Dance " with lyrics by David L. Weatherford and Ofir Engel, composition by Ofir Engel, arranged by Igor Nackman and Ofir Engel. Produced by Passion Show Records.
This song is dedicated to cancer survivors and people who fight cancer to inspire people to consider the simple and beautiful things in life that we all take for granted. The song is based on a poem that David L. Weatherford wrote called slow dance, that so inspired me that I developed a song from it. Please listen to the song as this could one day be the cancer society anthem. The song also includes an introduction of my words before the song starts right on the page on YouTube and was released to coincide with October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. - CNN I-reports

"Celebrate Israel"

Ofir Engel
Ofir's performances are absolute artistic experiences sparking the senses to a dimension rarely delighted. "Ofir" in Hebrew means Gold and her "Passion Show" performances are precious avant-garde adventures reminiscent of the extravagant productions of Busby Berkeley, the accomplished Hollywood film director and musical choreographer. - Celebrate Israel Festival

"Ofir Engel's Universe"

Ofir Engel isn’t one of those artists you can describe in one or two sentences. That’s because her music is influenced not just by her native Israel, but rather from around the world.

“It has bits and pieces of feelings from around the world,” Engel says of her music. “I have a line on my concept that I call ‘The Passion Show.’ I’m into the vibe of the universe. Like, whatever I feel comes with, it’s not just in my own head, you know what I mean?…I feel like part of the new movement, the flow, the things I go through in life – it’s all influenced my music.”

The actress, dancer, singer-songwriter, producer and poet was born in Nahariya, Israel, and has lived in many different parts of the world – including Toronto. “Canada is a great place,” she shares. “People are very kind and it’s a wonderful audience, too and very open people. They love different things. I did some traveling before that so I lived in different places for my music and for my self-growth, and it’s incredible. Toronto is very, very welcome in my heart, all the time.”

Engel lived in Toronto for four years. During her stay in Canada she studied music, released two albums and created her very own label, Passion Show Records.

In just four years, Engel performed throughout the city in venues like the Gladstone Hotel and with the Ontario Independant Music Awards. She currently lives in California. “I was in Orange County, then I moved to the Valley, and then I moved to Hollywood,” she laughs. “But I’m commuting all the time to Canada and I stay in Hollywood with my friends here. They’re very big supporters of my music career.”

Aside from English, Engel sings in four other languages including Hebrew. “I released a song about Gilad Shalit which I gave to the family and to organizations to kind of make some noise and you know, not to forget about Gilad, our captive soldier,” she reflects.

Engel says the reason she became an artist was to be able to create an original act. “I grew up on music and all that, it’s always interested me how to make something new instead of singing someone else’s stuff, to do a different act,” she shares.

As part of her act, Engel hopes to spread a positive message. “The message is a universal message for love, number one. Number two is to understand where we are and where we come from and what we’re doing here….the excitement of life, that every day is a different day,” says Engel. “My main idea is to focus on what’s coming and what you can do to do better than you’ve done before.”

She hopes 2010 will be a busy year that includes a Canadian tour and the new album she’s been working on. - Jewish Toronto dot com


ouncil) presented “Celebrate Israel 65? in honor of Israel’s 65 years of their Independence. It was a beautiful day warmed by the Southern California sun with a slight breeze from the South West which helped make the day even more special.

The morning started off with a cheerful group of children and adults taking part in a Community-Wide Walk Celebrating Israel’s 65th Independence Day which included a special appearance of the 9/11 Angel Tribute Cars leading the group. From there, at 10 AM the gates open up for guests to enter a wonderfully set up park with something for everyone of any age.
There was the Cafe` Tel Aviv offering a fine selection of great food and refreshments which could be enjoyed while lounging around the area on couches or table-chair set ups listening to the live performances on the Tel Aviv Stage. Some of those performing were Ofir Engel, Liyah Lapidot, Rami Feinstein and Shira Gavrielov.
Just East of the stage was a circle of drums under some trees where those who desired to “feel the unity one drum beat at a time” could join in and beat a drum set up by FreedomDrumCircles.com - International Press Association


Ofir Engel, an international awarding winner recording artist performed at the 15th annual White House Prayer Day in the nation’s capital on May 4th.

“It was a distinct honor to be chosen to offer the passion of my abilities to enlighten others as the focal point of a much needed process to heal the people of the United States who have journeyed through some challenging economic, social and uncertain times” said Ofir.

The annual White House Prayer event was created by the Reverend Terry Lee of the Byways and Hedges Ministry of Brooklyn, New York. The objective of the day is to inspire the participants to join together in prayer to bring peace and comfort to the toils of everyday life and then for them to return to their communities to engender their fellow residents to create a better environment.

“I am a person who chooses to advocate and guide others to effectuate changes in our nation. I firmly believe one person can make a difference. In fact, we have evidence of it in the United States by the efforts and dedication of President George Washington. It is indisputable without his commitment to mobilize a small colony against the tyranny of an imperial monarchy the prospects of our nation to exist freely would have perished on the battlefields of Trenton, Brandywine and Yorktown” stated Ofir.

Ofir Engel is an award winning songwriter and composer. She has been nominated and received awards for her music in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. She graced the White House with her songs “The Wings of Passion” performed in both English and Hebrew and “Outrageous” Ofir was also a featured artist at the 2013 National Israeli Independence Day celebration in Los Angeles.

“My personal commitment is to utilize my talents to spread the universal language of music to encourage people to move past adversity and pain to a better place. My music conveys they are not alone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we share a brother and sisterhood absent of color, creed or political philosophies. We all must work collectively to reduce our differences in a way to create harmony and magnify the commonality of humanity as something positive” concluded Ofir.

Contact Co-Manager
The Honorable Ron Jones
Passion Show Records Inc.
732-677-8088 - International Press Association


Ofir Engel, an international 8 time award winning recording artist is releasing her fifth CD “Task of Mind” with a special song “Fire Escape” at the star studded “Heroes Helping Heroes” event in Hollywood featuring actress Pauley Perrette of the hit CBS television series NCIS and celebrity fame Jack Osborne.
“I composed the song Fire Escape soon after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. It’s a dedication to the heroic efforts of the First Responders, especially the New York City Fire Department. All must recall on that ill-fated day 343 Firefighters perished performing valiant acts of rescuing others” said Ofir.
Ofir Engel had previously composed and recorded the “Natalee World Remix”, a dedication to Natalee Holloway the missing teen in Aruba presumed dead, and “Slow Dance” a song of strength for those inflicted with cancer. A portion of the proceeds of the national sales in the Task of Mind CD will benefit the Feal Good Foundation and Johnny Mac Foundation both acclaimed 9/11 advocacy organizations.
“In life we distinguish ourselves by the positive deeds we do to enlighten the world and to motivate others to achieve beyond their own expectations. I am humbled and inspired to compose songs recognizing those who face challenges and overcome them. It is so ironic I met my manager Mayor Ron Jones in 2012, not knowing at the time he was the driving force in the passage of the James Zadroga Health and Compensation Act, a $4.7 billion federal bill to provide necessary medical care for our First Responders. I believe our joint venture possesses a degree of divine intervention” stated Ofir.
Recently, Ofir was a contestant on the X-Factor scheduled to have its season premiere on September 11th. The X Factor is a Fox Network television music competition originally developed by Simon Cowell in the United Kingdom that travels throughout the United States searching for contestants in several defined categories who display talents of a true superstar.
“You’re incredible” stated Simon Cowell.
“What I learned from the X-Factor experience is I possess the star qualities beyond the show’s theme and people deserve cutting edge and meaningful entertainment. The audience inspired me to recognize Ofir Engel is the people’s property and my creations are destined to touch folks in a profound manner. I am honored to be associated with the Cops 4 Causes Organization as we share a common highway to healing our American heroes” concluded Ofir.

Contact Co-Manager
The Honorable Ron Jones
Passion Show Records Inc.
Sinatra Entertainment Group LLC.
Passion Show Talent Management
714-509-0916 - International Press Association

"LA MUSIC AWARDS DUAL NOMINEE Ends Lady Gaga Controversy"

Ofir 12-18-2003 Postcard
Ofir Engel, just off her X-Factor television show appearance and the release of her hit CD “Task of Mind” has produced verifiable evidence her “electrifying” styles were on the music scene in 2000, some five years before Lady Gaga came on the music scene as a performer.

“The styles I perform in are my own creations I design and construct myself. I first modeled my unique styles in a photo shoot wearing one of my awesome hat’s back in New York City in 2000. I first entertained in my CD dress and military style hat in Israel in 2003. I popped onto the Toronto Canada scene with my hot outfits back in 2004 to acclaim for my music and unique fashion styles. For Lady Gaga or her manager’s to purport I stole her look is totally ridiculous and a lame attempt to attract media attention,” said Ofir.

Ofir 2000
Ofir 2000
Ofir began writing songs at age twelve years old and performed them at a school graduation at the Remez School in Israel. At age fourteen she was in a school band called Efinezer and her musical desire to perform only grew leading her to study drama and theatre in high school. After a two year commitment in the army Ofir traveled to New York City where she enrolled in the Actor’s Studio and William Asper School with a concentration on the Meisner method. In 2004, Ofir relocated to Toronto Canada and immediately enrolled in the Daniel Ebby Music School and began performing at local clubs and special events.

“I have no need to copy anybody, I am a fashion and musical trendsetter, definitely the real deal. I discount the entire issue as artistic jealously and maintain no disdain for her. I know I excel in every category of the entertainment business and wish her well. Even after all these years it’s a learning and growth process for me. Most recently I realize from my appearance on the X-Factor, is I possess star qualities beyond the show. I believe people deserve cutting edge, original and meaningful entertainment from a performer who meets with them at ground level. The X-Factor audience inspired me to recognize Ofir Engel is the people’s property and my creations are destined to touch folks in a manner uplifting their spirits and mending any pain they may be encountering.”

On September 11, 2013, Ofir released her new single CD “Task of Mind” with a bonus track

Ofir Passion 2004
Ofir Passion 2004
“Fire Escape” composed to honor those heroes who responded to the World Trade Center in wake of the vicious attack of September 11, 2001. A portion of the sales revenues benefit the Fealgood Foundation and Johnny Mac Foundation, both nationally recognized organizations who advocate for 9/11 responders. Ofir deservingly received LA Music Awards nominations for “Task of Mind” in the HOT AC Album and Americana-Roots-Blues Artist Category.

“I have composed hundreds of songs and intend to share them with the world as an Edification of the rich character of the people. It’s necessary for recording artists to produce materials that enhances the quality of life and sends a positive message bringing forth worthwhile changes,” concluded Ofir. - International Press Association


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