Of Legend

Of Legend


Of Legend is an atmospheric, melodic, post-metal from Athens Georgia. By combining intricate guitar passages, a punishing rhythm section, and heart rending vocals, Of Legend plays extreme music that is heavy enough for the most die hard metal fan while remaining accessible to the casual listener.


Of Legend formed in the spring of 2005 in Atlanta, and after playing it's first show in Athens that summer, the band quickly fell in love with the Classic City and soon relocated and adopted Athens as its new hometown. The original incarnation of the band played a no frills brand of traditional hardcore, akin to such old school heavyweights such as Madball, Blood For Blood, Sick of it All, and The Cro Mags.
The band quickly became a fixture in the Athens hardcore and metal scene, performing along now defunct acts like Another Broken Vehicle, The Knife Trade and Cobra Clutch. Even as their peers one by one gave up the ghost, Of Legend soldiered on, eventually even sharing the stage with several hardcore legends such as New York hardcore pioneers Agnostic Front.
In late 2008, lineup changes reared their ugly heads and founding members vocalist Justin Burnham and guitarist Andrew Senter found themselves looking for new members to take the band in a drastic new direction.
"Well Andrew and myself had been playing hardcore in one form or another with different bands for over a decade." Explained Burnham.
"We were burnt out and just felt like we wanted to do something different, more in line with what we were listening to, and being inspired by. It was really a situation where if we didn't change, I think we would have just laid the band to rest. We had been listening to a lot of bands like Isis, Pelican, Cult of Luna...stuff like that. Call it post metal, sludge, whatever you like...I just consider it to be heavy atmospheric music, which is what we're trying to do. Some people that were into the old stuff really hate the new songs, but we honestly don't care. If you get what we're doing, fantastic, if not, well that's cool too, but the old songs aren't coming back so quit asking. "
With the additions of John Crapps on Drums, Scott Mosely on second guitar, and John Holloway on bass, Of Legend has replaced the angry 2 minute bursts of hardcore rage with sprawling 8 minute soundscapes of borderline psychedelic crushing atmospheric metal. The band is currently recording a new EP here in Athens with Anthony Lunn at Rising Tide Recordings, hoping for a late winter/early spring release. The band hopes to be on the road as much as possible all over the Southeast.


"Cleric of Samsara" (2010)

"Anhedonia/ Accuser of Thy Bretheren" (single/B side, 2009

Self Titled LP - 2005

Set List

Of Legend is capable of performing sets anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour plus in length of all original material!