Of One Mind

Of One Mind


Of One Mind is an original rock band from Worcester, Ma. With thought provoking vocals and a clear rock sound, it is difficult to compare Of One Mind to any mainstream groups, an intended effort from each member.


Of One Mind is an original rock band based from Worcester, MA. The band was formed in the early part of 2002. The members joined forces after their previous projects split and structured their talents into what became “Of One Mind.” After a few years of successful gigging in the northeast the band had left it's mark on the local music scene, making it to the top of several band competitions. The band took several years off to regroup and restructure the sound to what it is today. With their new vision, the band was driven to bring something new to the rock music scene. The sound of the band is distinguishable amongst its predecessors of rock.
From day one each member has brought their intense, emotional drive to the sound of the band. Guitarists Tom Courtemanche and Adam Seguin structure each song with catchy riffs and emotional hooks that lay the foundation for the music and vocals. The explosive rhythm section of drummer Rich Fitton and bassist Matt Peculis can be heard at the heart of every song. The driving beats and intricate percussion melt with the monstrous tone that the bass delivers. Vocalist Matt Peculis brings the music to life through his expressive lyrics and passionate vocals. The band has been able to stay true to their original style and play the music that they love to play for others.


The band is currently working on new material, which will follow their successful debut album "Etched In Stone"

Set List

Our set time is a solid hour of original material. We have chosen a few covers that compliment our style of music to supplement the set.