Often Running

Often Running


We play a variety of styles... from bluegrass and jazz inspired originals to celtic and old time tunes. Linda Lavender on mandolin, guitar & vocals, Peter Leblanc on cello, piano and uke, Alex Cheung on fiddle and Scott Rogers on banjo, guitar, ukulele & vocals.


About the band...

It was March 17th, 2011 when Peter had a Phil Spector style vision to invite five disparate (not desperate) musicians to jam at his house. We decided on a name that very night: The New Super Group. It was taken and the ensuing name dispute amongst usually amicable band mates raged for months. We 'settled' on Often Running because we had our first gig lined up, a two hour concert at the Performing Arts Lodge in Toronto, and needed a name. “Why Often Running?” you ask. We all shrug, “Why not?”

The first gig was memorable because it forced us to settle on a set list. Our collective style was an amalgam of fiddle tunes, jazz, ragtime, Pink Floyd and all things in between. We have narrowed this down to a decidedly un-narrow, eclectic, acoustic musical mix of originals and our unique take on folk, bluegrass and old time tunes. The hybrid qualities in each of our psyches is reflected in our quirky music making.

In the meantime, we cut a live demo CD of eight songs, five originals, called Songs from Rosseau. John Zytaruk, our friend and collaborator who has worked with such notables as Buck 65 and Jenn Grant, produced and engineered over a two day cottage weekend. To hear excerpts, check out our website: www.oftenrunningmusic.com

Over the next few months we heard audience reactions like, “ I have never heard a banjo sound so unlike the Beverly Hillbillies...so melodic and beautifully haunting.” Or, “I have never heard a ukulele sound so much like a banjo!”, both in reference to Scott's musical creativity. And when Peter, who plays cello with the band and takes care of all the bass parts, starts to bow his instrument, expressions of awe and speechless disbelief like abound.

We play more than a sprinkling of instrumentals and we shine on these pieces. David Newland says, “These guys are very sharp!” Harmonious singing, interesting songwriting and atypical arrangements round out our repertoire, which ranges from Loudon Wainwright's “Swimming Song” to Linda's original tribute to drummer friend, “James,” to classical/bluegrass medleys (we call it Classical Grass).

We have shared billings with the likes of Clair Lynch at the Tranzac Club, Collette Savard at the Free Times Cafe, and David Newland at the Dominion Pub. We have also had the great pleasure of sharing the stage several times with Steve McNie et. al. at the Corktown Ukulele Jam.

Most recently, we are delighted to boast the addition of fiddle player extraordinaire, Alex Cheung, who shares our eclectic interests and style. Hear him at: ear2earmusic.com We are working to produce some of our latest material to publish to our new website.

Often Running is Linda Lavender on mandolin, guitar, and vocals, Scott Rogers on banjo, guitar, ukulele and vocals, Peter Le Blanc on cello and ukulele, and Alex Cheung on fiddle.

April 22, 2012 – Linda Lavender


They Won't Catch Me Again

Written By: Linda Lavender

They Won’t Catch Me Again

It's my last lonely ride
See me floating down the stream
Made amends; I've done my time
Somehow I wasted all my dreams
Like a fool was blind when I could have seen
Like a fool I've wasted...all my dreams...all my dreams

I lost my heart in Andrewsville
Now its floating down the stream
Robbed a store in old New Bliss
Sheriff stole away my dreams

That black night, I said a prayer
“God please help me get away”
But they locked my up, in my 20th year
Lord, I can’t take another day

They won’t catch me again
Its my last lonely ride
If they try to take me back
Its good-bye

I only meant to get some cash
To run away with my sweet love
But the clerk he called me by my name
I lost control, the gun went off

My baby told me he won’t wait
And “What a fool to rob that store”
If he only knew, how I can’t wait
My life ain’t worth the living for

They won’t catch me again
Its my last lonely ride
If they try to take me back
Its good-bye

My mother’s eyes, filled with tears
When she saw me in my cell
She said she’d pray, to save my soul
But it’s too far down the road to hell

They won’t catch me again
Its my last lonely ride
If they try to take me back
Its good-bye

They won’t catch me again
Its my last lonely ride
If they try to take me back
Its good-bye