Of The Betrayed

Of The Betrayed


What do you get when you blend an intense mix of death metal, hardcore, and some prog? The answer lies in the music of Of The Betrayed. Five New Englanders put together five different styles to create a "wrecking ball of sound" that no one can describe.


The struggle to find where OF THE BETRAYED belongs is an on going mystery. Do they belong with the Progressive Metal crowd, The Death Metal crowd, The Hardcore crowd, or even the Rock crowd? That question has yet to be answered and it's because of the lack of answers that makes OF THE BETRAYED a musicale wrecking ball. Mixing all kinds of styles ranging from Progressive Metal to Rock the band show no limits and breaks all molds. They make the music they want to make to please themselves, not the fans. If the fans like the music it's because they understand the skill, the detail, and over all uniqueness not because it sounds like everything else.
Sure there are elements of some of your favorite styles but OF THE BETRAYED manages to take those styles and blend them together when upon hearing it doesn't feel like every other band. Fans who have approached OF THE BETRAYED and tried to described their sound, all they could come up with is a wide range of references to bands such as Napalm Death, Dying Fetus, Hatebreed, Bleeding Through, and many more.

The band started out as Sam Hang (Drummer) and Minh Son (ex-Bass current Guitarist) jamming and decided to start a band under the name Door To Autumn. From there Mike St. Jean was discovered by Minh Son and asked if he’d like to play guitar for the band. Mike agreed and the 3 piece started creating songs. They then decided that they needed a vocalist. Minh Son ran into Steve Thompson (Vocalist) at college where Minh asked him to try out. Steve said “sure why not” and that weekend Steve tried out nailing the gig the very same day. The band practiced together and decided they needed a 2nd guitarist. Minh spotted Shaun Murphy (Guitar) at Guitar Center and Minh asked him to try out. Shaun was hesitant at first due to the name and decided to go with his gut and try out. Shaun nailed the gig and from there the band was set.

At an All That Remains show Minh Son and Mike St. Jean were in the pit. Mike St. Jean broke his finger across Minh’s face while moshing and couldn’t play guitar. From there Mike and Minh decided to try switching instruments and it was there and then that Door To Autumn found their trademark sound. The band then realized that the name no longer fit so they went online and visited the Return to the Pit website. There was a random name generator and the band saw the name OF THE BETRAYED and from then on that would be our name.

Almost a year passes and the band starts to have a fall out with Mike St. Jean. Mike decided it was best that he quit OF THE BETRAYED and from there the band started their search for a new bassist. Their search only lasted one week when Steve Thompson found Greg Mann (current Bassist) through MySpace and from there the band decided that he was the man for the job. And that brings you up to the present. OF THE BETRAYED is currently playing shows all over the NH / MA areas and hope to expand to other states in the summer of 2007.

As of late 2006 OF THE BETRAYED has achieved a sponsorship from NO FEAR. This is only the beginning of what's in store for the 5 piece storm known as OF THE BETRAYED.

In Early 2007, bassist Greg Mann decided to start In Death Records/Booking and signed Of The Betrayed immediately along with friends Burn My Remains. They will have a new EP released sometime in the summer of 2007 through this.


With Weapons Raised

Written By: Steve Thompson, Shaun Murphy, & Sam Hang

This house becomes my tomb
Blood smeered in the rooms
Where tainted memories remain
Life will never be the same
This time nowhere to hide from me
Screams silenced
By dark shadows
In the night
The sun begins to rise
Through rays of light
I see your face
Battered and torn
With weapons raised
My blood stained clothes remain
Through dying eyes
You look upon my face
With weapons raised
I killed them
They had no right
To take what's rightfully mine
So I ended their lives
I enjoyed it
Every minute
The sweet taste of blood
Upon my lips.
They dress
In decay
Words can't describe
This grizzly scene

Down This Darkened Path

Written By: Stephen Thompson

Every waking hour I ask myself
One day will it be ok
This constant nightmare
I cry myself to sleep
I pray to god to take my breath away
No pills in the world could ever cure this truth
I hold the trigger so softly
I ask for the strength
To bite the bullet
And release this pain
This inner demon It haunts me
Every single day
If there was no god
You might as well bury me
No shrink in this time could tell me everything is fine
And after all the times that Ive shed tears
A river of emotion that'll last for years
And even when Im gone no one will care
I'll still have this cell to release my fears
So you say
That I've got a lot
To live for
Well thats bullshit
To this day I still ask myself
Is it all worth it
Will this ever change
And when the day is through this endless cycle continues
This will never end I swear to god that this is it
This knife cuts my skin, my wrist breaths fresh air.
Kill my self


Demo 2006
1. Down This Darkened Path
2. With Weapons Raised
3. A Painful Memory
4. Desecration of the Human Race

4 song live @ Reflections Lounge CD (2006)
1: The Dying Hour/Metamorphosis
2: Desecration of the Human Race
3: Born For Vengeance
4: A Painful Memory

5 song Demo (2005)
1: Intro
2: Bliss In Suffering
3: Metamorphosis
4: Adore
5: Born For Vengeance

Set List

Desecration of the Human Race
A Painful Memory
Down This Darkened Path
With Weapons Raised