Of The Tower

Of The Tower

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Surreal, Artaudian, sexually-charged, art-damaged, dark, jagged, angular and theatrical punky glam art-rock.


Formed in 2009, their dark glam-inspired rock has been seen in such events as Carnality Ball, Norman Music Festival, local television in Edmond, major okc clubs, and featured on local radio station 105.3 The Spy.
David Goad is a graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music in OKC.


Death Rattle

Written By: Of The Tower

Lying on a hotel bed
Snakebite in my veins
Hear the mantra in my head
THis will ease the pain
Razor blades are on the floor
Carving out my name
Hear someone outside the door
Now it's time to play my game

Have you ever heard a death rattle?

Standing with a mannequin
Up against the wall
Blood drips down from his severed neck
His head begins to fall
I'm lost inside this nowhere place
I feel I'm in pursuit

Have you ever heard a death rattle?


Opus No.1 Samizdat

Set List

Here is a list of our originals:
Trust, Red Teeth, Loaded, Mask, Paranoia, Death Rattle, And The Scars Left Behind, Drown, Pyezazh, Eurydice, Kiri No, Ghost Dance, The Courtroom, I Set The Page On Fire, The Painter and The Muse (30 min theatrical piece)

Covers: Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus), Atmosphere (Joy Division), My Death (Jacques Brel)

We can go on minimum 30-50 minutes / maximum 1 hr - 1:30 hrs.