Of What We Made

Of What We Made

 Sapulpa, Oklahoma, USA

Since the beginning Of What We made has proven to the Tulsa music scene that they're nothing but serious. From their up close and personal lyrics, to their in your face instrumentals. They have created their own signature sound, and have the stage performance to back it up. After their first show in August of 2011 they have a rapidly growing following on Facebook, and respect from their peers, and promoters alike. Of What We Made has big plans for 2012, and beyond,and this is only the beginning.


Since their formation in June of 2011 Of What We Made has made a sound of their own. From their heart beating drum beats, to their crushing guitar riffs, to their deep bass,and their ear shattering vocals, Of What We Made has proven so far they are a force to be reckoned with. They've been promoting and playing shows almost non-stop since August of 2011 and will continue to do so throughout the early stages of 2012! As they have said together this is what we made. They will continue to make the music they love, and put on a performance that they know fans will love as well!


Demo(February 15th,2012)