Of Years Passed

Of Years Passed


Heavy yet sweet. Brutal yet beautiful. Edgy yet innocent.


We formed in late 2006 and after several lineup changes we maintained a stable lineup in winter of 2007 and played shows every weekend for several months straight. And over the course of summer we went through a couple more lineup changes and in the mean time played with the likes of A Day To Remember, HORSEtheband, Black Light Burns, No Hollywood Ending, Waking The Cadaver, Marks Of A Hero, Ligeia, It Dies Today, Kittie, Silent Civilian,Left to Vanish, Kenotia, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Bring Me The Horizon, Fire In The Eyes Of The City and countless others up and down NJ and Philadelphia.Pretty much we're just a group of best friends looking to have fun and take this as far as we possibly can.


Current EP

In The Presence Of Giants

Set List

Our setlist is about 30 minutes long:
Strength of Life
A Good Day For Crows
Lurkin With Merv Griffin
Stick A Fork In Me, Im Done
Count Your Blessings
Take My Chances
Regrets will Strive to Haunt Us