BandHip Hop

Real underground street rap, parental warning, explicit lyrics with beats that make you want to get up and move. The difference? His songs talk about his real life stories, not made up dreams. Old school with a new twist.


Anthony Glanton's music is real underground street rap. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Fillmore is where he spent many of his years. When he was 12, he was writing his first rap while working at his summer job. Not much has changed from then to now, to sum it up, he's been working at his full time job supporting his wife and three kids, STILL writing songs while at work. Having his chances after high school to pursue a music career, as tempting as it was, he took advantage of a situation to benefit himself as his skills on the basketball court brought him a chance to attend a university . At 6' 6", Anthony had been slam dunking the ball since a freshman in high school and collecting numerous awards on the way including all city honors for the season's Most Valuable Player during his senior year before going on to division 1 ball at Eastern Washington University. Driven and determined to succeed, there would be only one thing that could stop him, family tradgedy. A death in the family brought Anthony back home to the streets of San Francisco trying to stay ahead of the game again. Soon finding himself married with a son on the way, his ideas with his music would remain a part time hobby while he was a full time employee, husband, and dad.
OGAG brings a polished act to the stage. An outstanding showman and a natural with a crowd, his rhymes are on point with unique flows and styles that set him apart from the others.
In 2005, AG and his independent label, Funky Rough Productions (est. 1993), joined forces with his friend and former employer Billy Autrey (a.k.a. Trey le Park) and his independent rap music project, Trey le Park Records. Working great together as they always have, the two have put together a crew of artists with an arsenal of hits.
O.G.A.G. is currently performing and is interested in performing solo and/or with his crew.


Wake Up, F.R.C., released 1998, underground, sold aprox. 1000

Pride or Die, The Pride, unreleased, completed May 2006

Set List

20 minutes to 1 hour