O.G. aka Istenis Jewelz

O.G. aka Istenis Jewelz

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O.G. aka Istenis Jewelz is the next big thing in hip hop. As an artist, he is extremely versatile, with the ability to "keep it street" or "get lyrical". No matter what the subject matter is, O.G. is always creative in his delivery and word choice. On stage his energy and style are hard to ignore.


O.G., a.k.a Istenis Jewelz, is an MC from the west side of New Britain,Ct. The first half of his name stands for Original and Great. The second half, Istenis Jewelz, is an abreviation for "I Steal Niggaz Jewelz." O.G. credits his uncle for teaching him how to steal jewelry from people as a means of income in the streets when the drug trade wasn't producing enough money. "Jewelz is representative of money and knowledge," the rapper says. O.G. began his career with two artists he met while in college. The group they formed was called Decepticons. After a short time, the group split up due to creative disagreements, forcing the 20 year old to embark on a solo career.

In early 2008, a friend approached O.G. with an offer to be apart of an independent label called Conspiracy Theory Entertainment Group, formed by an experienced DJ and former artist/producer with experience within the music industry. His friend, an A&R representative for the newly formed label, gave label co-owners, DJ P-Needlz and Benny Black a copy of a CD featuring O.G. Within a few weeks, O.G. began recording in the label's studio, located in New Britain,Ct.

Since signing with Conspiracy Theory Entertainment, O.G. has performed in several venues throughout the East Coast, including opening shows for pioneering hip hop artists such as Sadat X and Sean Price. The artist has an extensive catalog of music and is always looking to collaborate with other artists and continues to book more shows.

O.G. is signed to a label that helps artists develop as independent artists and take control of their own musical careers, and O.G. plans to take full advantage of that opportunity.


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Set List

O.G. usually performs 3-10 of his songs at a show and sometimes brings guest artist(s).