Karl Hlamkin & OgneOpasnOrkestr

Karl Hlamkin & OgneOpasnOrkestr

 Moscow, Moscow, RUS

OgneOpasnOrkestr means dancing till one drops when all body hurts next day; klatches up to the stop with a hangover next morning; love until death with an illegible phone number on a crumpled napkin next day. Balkan, Cuban and Jewish melodies, jazz, funk and ska rhythms - this is OgneOpasnOrkestr!


OgneOpasnOrkestr (OOO) is one of the brightest, the most cheerful and unpredictable phenomenon of Moscow musical life. It is the group which doesnt find room on every club stage, but for sure blows any dance floor.

Leader of the group is Karl Hlamkin, a famous roarer from Riga who moved to Moscow four years ago, a talented artist and master of drum kit who used to be a raving alcoholic, but nowadays is none the less raving teetotaler. He drinks kefir, smokes a pipe, collects exotic drums, acts in television series, does gardening and with his wife Liga brings up his six-year-old son Kim. He has released two albums in Moscow on the label Sha-2 and several bootlegs in Riga.

During the three years of its existence Hlamkins orchestra has taken part in the following events: the major Russian rock-festival Nashestviye, The Beatles tribute-festival, Jewish music festival, the ska music festival Askarbin and so on. The group has played in the Great Kremlin Palace, concertized in Saint-Petersburg, Izhevsk, Tomsk, Kiev, Minsk, Riga, Koln, Berlin, Hamburg, Munchen and so on.

The new OOO album called “01” will be released soon by the creative circle Deti Solntsa (Children of the Sun).


"01" CD (will be released soon)

Set List

Besame Mucho
and so on

Usually our set is about 1 hour 20 minutes

We play only one cover - Besame Mucho