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“Da Game” as we like to call him, has been a great asset to the Hard Edge . Eric Woods is the rap division leader of our camp where he is molding the inner workings of the business to other artist on the roster. He is our featured artist as well and head of his own company Dazone


O.G. Style is not just your average rapper, he’s known for his unique voice and clear form of speech. He’s a man of the streets, intimately familiar with its codes and its violence, but still, O.G. Style an incredibly intelligent and deliberate man, holds himself with a regal air above the pettiness, which surrounds him. Couple his true-life hardship with his knack for addictive, syrupy hooks, it's clear that O.G Style has exactly what it takes to show us all how real playa’s do real thangs!

One of the first Houston rapper’s to gain national prominence, lets reminisce back to 1991, O.G. Style enters Billboard at 68 with a bullet and with no promotions for the hip-hop classic, [I Know How to Play’em]. Now here it is 2004 - towering lyrical control, mastered delivery, royalty personified and still playing ’em.

10 years later and back with a cocky street savvy attitude O.G. Style returns (solo artist). A new album “Return Of Da Game” laced with production by O.G. Style and well-respected Houston based producers were most eager to provide tracks for the rappers new project. The albums single “Gangsta”, vows to thrust the incredible mic wrecker back on the scene putting him in a league of his own! The album, filled with truth and real life ordeals, sounds like one greatly narrated movie and has a host of guest appearances by rap veterans.

Signed to a new label, Hard Edge Entertainment will release yet another head banger for the streets. O.G Style, Houston’s pioneer in the game has paid his dues and now its time to collect! He brought you War of Wordz the freestyle saga that turned Houston inside out with hip-hop culture. O.G is CEO of Dazone Entertainment an exciting new outlet for local artist to bring their music to the public and promote hip-hop in Houston. So we ask, who better to write, produce, and star because O.G Style is back and school is now in session


I Know How To Play Em
I Still Know How To Play Em
Mixed Drinks, Bluntz and Xtacy
Heatseekerz Vol I
Return Of Da Game

Set List

Gangsta the new single off the new album
Usually about 30-40 Minutes packed with old school back in the day tunes up to present