Organic Geniuses
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Organic Geniuses

North East, Maryland, United States

North East, Maryland, United States
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




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Last Voyage: Tales of Heartbreak
by Mike' Melinoe

Daze N. A. Day
by Mike' Melinoe

The Stand Alone Complex
by YoAstrum

Zone Of The Ender
by YoAstrum

by YoAstrum

C.R.A.T.E Diggin' EP
by Tino Apex

by Tino Apex

2v Sides of the Same: Spittin' Images
by Avant-Garde

by Avant-Garde

by Rakeem Miles



When it comes to Organic Geniuses as a crew it can't possibly be described as anything less than
a success story in the making. 9 extremely driven individuals dedicated to a craft that some would
consider a lost art. Each lone member possessing an almost scary amount of prowess and vision we come together in the efforts to solidify a common goal. While most would focus on the profitable
aspect of this art our sole mission is to bless the world with something it has yet to see or hear.
It'd be cocky and maybe even arrogant to say that we stand alone in a countless sea of "Rappers"..
... but let's face it that's just a fact in the matter at hand. Every single individual repping OG
possesses the ability to stand alone and succeed without question. On the contrary we decided to
combine our efforts and ultimately shatter the limits of what is and/or can be. Since we hail from
several regions there's a prevalent diversity in the sound of each member. So what brings such
a diverse group to fruition? The answer is passion. Every single one of us sees where this culture
lacks and wish to add to it's legacy and leave a mark such as those before us. Yes the aim is to
make a living but truth be told we'd do this shit if there weren't a dime involved. In the face of
poverty we have the ability to see the vision and remain driven and that itself speaks volumes.
With that said we leave you to ponder for yourself what were worth and in the meantime the grind
continues. No were not sure exactly how or when but when the world hears what we do it's almost
certain to be the beginning of a new chapter in music history.

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