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Athens, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFM

Athens, GA | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Americana Singer/Songwriter




"Video Premiere: Oh Jeremiah Happy Now"

Hattiesburg, Mississippi duo Oh, Jeremiah will release their debut album on August 19. The group, which consists of the husband and wife team of Jeremiah Stricklin and Erin Raber, recorded The Other End of Passing Time at Great North Sound Society in Parsonsfield, ME with producer Sam Kassirer (Josh Ritter, Lake Street Dive, Elephant Revival). Kassirer notes, “There are very few artists that I immediately know I want to work with after hearing just a couple demos and not having even met them before. Oh, Jeremiah was one of those for me. All the attributes that make up good music from the songwriting to the range of musical ideas were there from the beginning even before we hit the studio. And most importantly, those attributes are there in an honest and authentic way.”

Today we premiere the official video for “Happy Now,” the first single from the record. Stricklin tells Relix, “Wes Anderson inspires me as much as any songwriter does. Naturally when it was time to come up with a music video, I already knew I wanted it to be a testament to him.” “Happy Now” is now available at iTunes, where The Other End of Passing Time can be pre-ordered. Oh, Jeremiah’s upcoming tour dates appear below the video

Read more: https://www.relix.com/blogs/detail/video_premiere_oh_jeremiah_happy_now#ixzz4WbTBvHQ8 - Relix

"Oh Jeremiah Goes Ape Shit at Talent Show"

Jeremiah Stricklin of Oh, Jeremiah really loves his green sports jacket, and he makes no secret of it. It’s featured in practically every promo image of the duo, Stricklin always mugging coolly beside his bandmate and wife, Erin Stricklin. It’s even on the cover of the singer-songwriters’ upcoming album, The Other End of Passing Time, out August 19th. But in the video for the LP’s latest single, “Tremble”, Stricklin and his beloved coat have been separated, and it’s tearing him up inside.

In the video, Stricklin is mourning the loss of his green companion while he and his wife attend the annual Loblolly Talent Show. He does his best to allow himself to be distracted by the cellists, painters, and dancers who take the stage, but the specter of his missing clothing hangs over him. That is until a magician takes the stage and it’s no longer over him, but right in front of him. This wand-waving hack has jacked Stricklin’s jacket, and he’s not about to stand for it. What ensues is an all-out brawl of flag-twirling fisticuffs, Rubix cube ramming, and violin bow bashing.

Although “Tremble” may be one of the more downbeat love songs on the record, Oh, Jeremiah weren’t afraid of being a little lighthearted with the clip. Director Greyson A. Welch employed a Wes Anderson style of filming, and the Stricklins made sure the video was “really silly and heartfelt.” “The worst part of the internet is how much people portray themselves as someone they’re not,” Jeremiah explained to Consequence of Sound of the video’s concept. “No one posts the bad stuff they go through or the weird parts of themselves that make them human. This video shows us all getting beaten up, looking really silly, and chasing the ugliest piece of clothing on the planet.” - Consequence of Sound

"Oh Jeremiah Heading out on Tour"

Husband and wife duo, Oh, Jeremiah, (Jeremiah Stricklin and Erin Raber) are conjuring the heart of Mississippi blues with their upcoming release, The Other End of Passing Time, which is due out on Friday, Aug. 19. The group is also heading out on tour, giving fans a chance to hear their hauntingly beautiful music in venues across the country.

“Tremble,” the album's latest single, showcases the duo's storytelling style of songwriting and their incredible harmonies which subtly pierce through listeners' souls. Raber's airy vocals float in and out of the spotlight, while Stricklin explores the power of a lie. The video, which premiered on Consequence of Sound, is beautifully shot and gives viewers a look at Oh, Jeremiah's silly sense of humor while they candidly speak of universal worries. The group describes the track as being born out of the ideas that “we are warned about all our lives.”

The devil has always been a prominent character in all varieties of rock and roll and Oh, Jeremiah follows in this tradition throughout The Other End of Passing Time. “It’s hard to lace our fingers when the devil comes between us,” they sing on “Bandits” while “Dinner Conversations” tells the tale of a three-person dinner party in which one seat belongs to the devil. Elsewhere on the release, the duo explores loneliness with tracks like “Oh, My Brother” and “One Room Apartment” and love lost is the inspiration behind the single, “Happy Now.”

As mentioned above, fans will have the opportunity to see Oh, Jeremiah live in the coming weeks. They will be performing at Gov Cup in Salem, OR on Aug. 19 – the day The Other End of Passing Time drops – and they will be making stops in Seattle, Denver, and other great cities along the way. The tour will wrap up with a performance at Schubas Tavern in Chicago on Sept. 24. - AXS

"REVIEW: Oh Jeremiah - The Other End of Passing Time"

One of the most important aspects of being in a band is the chemistry among the artists involved. A guitarist with the ability the squeeze a couple hundred notes into a measure, and a drummer who could keep perfect time with the rain on a rooftop would be completely meaningless if they lacked the ability to play off one another in a jam session. No matter hard one may try to work around it, this chemistry cannot be faked or manipulated in a way to seem authentic unless it’s naturally there. It’s a sonic marriage that sets apart the solo artist from collaboration. A marriage than can elevate even the most simple form of music to a level of something truly special.

Marriage is a word that keeps coming to mind when I think of ways to explain Oh, Jeremiah‘s debut album The Other End of Passing Time. Of course it’s obvious to correlate marriage with the Hattiesberg, MS duo seeing as Jeremiah Stricklin and Erin Raber are married, but it really goes much deeper on an artistic level.

I’ve always heard of couples being in relationships so long they find themselves finishing each other’s sentences or knowing what each other is thinking without saying a word. As endearing (or annoying) that may sound, I’ve often wondered if that sort of thing carried it’s way over to music if a couple were in a band together. While listening to this album, the answer is a resounding yes.

OhJere2The Other End of Passing Time is a collection of songs that find the duo stylistically jumping around from folk, country, pop to Americana without staying in one genre long enough to label the album with a simple word. There are moments with delicate acoustic guitar and angelic harmonies carry the listener from the comfort of their front porch to the hustle of the neighborhood bbq hosted by the local church, while other songs are sentimental and heartfelt like a conversation between lovers in their most secret place.

The gorgeous variety of Americana instrumentation not only pairs well with the vocal performances of Stricklin and Raber, but that certain sonic marriage is fully utilized and showcased like no other musical couple before or currently. Stricklin’s lead is soulful without over powering a single composition while Raber’s vocal performance single handedly elevates any sequence she’s featured. The real magic happens when they deliver the musical equivalent of finishing each other’s sentences. “Hello Ghost” (my personal favorite track on the album) features some of the most perfect harmonies I’ve heard in a song since Pet Sounds. Their voices blend so well together it’s almost like a mini choir. Their respective verses are outstanding but when they sing together it’s just vocal perfection.

With so much emphasis on harmony and togetherness, it’s easy to understand why marriage is the best word I can use to describe this album. The instrumentation is married to the spot on production, the lyrics married to the endearing storytelling, and of course Stricklin and Raber’s vocal harmony brings the record to a level of perfection most mainstream contemporary artists would sell their souls to achieve. The Other End of Passing Time is not only a nice addiction to my summer-into-autumn playlist, but perhaps even a sleeper hit that instantaneously rooted it’s respective spot in my list of favorite albums of the year. - 50thirdand3rd


The Other End of Passing Time (LP)

Our Very Own Kingdom (EP)



Mississippi and Alabama got married and moved to Georgia to make music. Husband and wife team, Jeremiah and Erin Stricklin go by the moniker Oh Jeremiah to help them turn their talent and formal training into timeless stories set to the tune of life. The couple blends their folk and acoustic roots with indie-pop and americana threads that have led to several eye-catching and quirky music videos. Oh Jeremiah travels the country in the footsteps of greats like Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, adding their voices and melodies to the American tradition of musical storytelling. Their sophomore album Joymonger will arrive in 2020.

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