Oh, Alchemy

Oh, Alchemy

 DeKalb, Illinois, USA

Oh, Alchemy creates music that is organic and synthetic. Structured and unstructured. Acoustic and electric. Basically, Oh, Alchemy likes to have its cake while simultaneously devouring it in 2-3 minute bursts.


Oh, Alchemy writes short, snappy songs. Sometimes they are noisy. Sometimes they are sweet. Sometimes they require a computer's bleeps and bloops.


"Easy Answer"
September 2011

1. Symmetry
2. Follow Me
3. Sleepwalking
4. Each Other
5. Color-Coded
6. Puppet Shape
7. The Debutante
8. Score Even, Settle Down
9. Ask Me For Advice
10. Undo
11. An Ordinary Day
12. Trade Me Places
13. Abandon Ship

February 2009

1. Building Bridges
2. Little Fiction
3. New York City
4. Capsized
5. Asunder
6. Theories That Are Televised
7. The Seeking Queen
8. Bury the Banter
9. Past and Presents
10. Whispering
11. Turbulence
12. I Might Not

December 2007
1. Building Bridges
2. Little Fiction
3. Capsized
4. Sitting Pretty

"Bury the Banter"
Spring 2007
1. Bury the Banter
2. Theories That Are Televised
3. Turbulence
4. Saturday Moved So Slow

Set List

Set list can be 30-90 minutes. Each song is about 2-3 minutes.

"Everyday" - Buddy Holly
"Tonight You Belong To Me" - Various