Ohana is an upbeat, energy-driven, catchy, power-pop group from the Northeast. Their current primary drive is to promote and build a strong fan base within the East Coast while implimenting touring, local gigs, and a full EP in the next year.


Ohana formed in late 2005 with a slightly different show of faces. Kevin Lacerda, Bill Findlay, Anthony Mattera, Andy Miller was the former bass player, and Jeff Joseph. The bands playing and dedication was lax until March of 2006 when Andy passed suddenly from a complicated heart condition. Jeff Joseph picked up bass and the band brought on Jeff Cruz for drums. Anthony left and was replaced by Dave Poland in mid-2007 completing the line-up hopefully for good.

This again was proven wrong when the band and Bill Findlay parted ways with musical differences. He spot was fill by local metal guitarist Kris Sobanksi.

Ohana has hopes of making their goals long-term, with recording, performances, and promotions all lined-up in the mix. Their devoted to creating a sound that could show their versatility and has elements of all their favorite genres. These influences include bands like Saosin, Fall Out Boy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 3eb, Taking Back Sunday, and many others. With the addition of Kris, a new metal influence is added to the material putting a harder edge on their powerpop sound.


The Crash Romance EP - 2006.
By Process of Aviation (Demo)- 2007.

Set List

Dixie Plates and Dull Pencils
A Night Spent
Crash Romance
Complete Strangers Are My Best Friends
The Great Lost Hope
Objects In Motion
Tuesday Was The Day
In the Rearview
Somewhere In September

Sets can range from 30min-1 and a half hours.
Occasional Covers would consist of something completely out-of-genre, turned rock. Ex: "Aha - Take on Me"