O, Handsome Navigator

O, Handsome Navigator

 Hutchinson, Kansas, USA


O, Handsome Navigator is comprised of John Depew (vocals, guitar), Justin Riggs (bass), and Joshua Monaghan (drums). Although O, Handsome Navigator officially formed in June of 2010, the music they produce sounds nothing short of a long existing relationship. Co-founders, Depew and Monaghan played briefly as a two-piece until finding a bass player with the chemistry and fit needed to augment OHN's sound. This fit was found in friend and fellow musician, Riggs. Hailing from Hutchinson, Kansas, the midwest plays influence to OHN's Indie Rock/Folk (and depending on who you’re talking to, Blues) sound. Needless to say, they have a wide berth of influence and interest. Elaborating the already written and recorded works of Depew, each has helped the re-invented songs develop organically into the concise, melody-driven tunes they are now. Lyrically, Depew’s songs touch on topics of love, loss, addiction, and beliefs. OHN recorded their first EP in August 2010 in McPherson, Kansas at Old Hickory Corner, a local studio. Their music pulls influence from artists like Elliott Smith, Freedy Johnston, Ben Folds, and David Bazan. A debut, full-length, concept album is currently in the works.


Winter Queen

Written By: John Depew

Like the trees remember summer while the freezing winter wind hears them moan and cry in slumber for your warmth and love for them, some morning sleepy eyed reminder of the children they have seen, walking softly down the avenues among the fallen leaves. When I think about our children singing quietly in their graves, saw you sitting by the church house with your hair down on your face. Oh, winter queen. And the grass will turn to shades of brown beneath the fallen limbs while you sit and watch the sunlight drifting lazy over them, some poor boy’s thinking how he missed the way your hands brushed over him underneath the rising summer moon that’s long since set again. Oh, winter queen.

Pick Me Up

Written By: John Depew

Love I just want to come clean. I thought there ain’t no problem if nobody sees me getting my thrills through a one dollar bill, just fucked up all the time. Show me some way to live without lying, hiding my face so nobody sees me. Show me somewhere to call home, I’ve been lonely far too long. I’ve been walking down the highway, three in the morning I haven’t seen a soul. And I’ve been watching the horizon, waiting for something to pick me up. I’ve been walking down the highway, pacing the broken line. And I’ve been watching the horizon, waiting for something…And I’ve been thinking you would leave me. Change on the table for cigarettes. And I’ve been walking down the highway, waiting for something to pick me up.


Written By: John Depew

Don't make a sound, my dear
Headlights approaching around the bend
And my valliant plan to make a home
Head over heels in love with your ghost
Just the way that I always dreamed it

If its pain that you wanted, perhaps I let you down again
Cause I never meant to hurt you, even though I did

Maybe when I said you could fly
Should have told you not to start so high
With your feet on the ground, you can't fall far down
But always adventurous, you tried your new wings
From your seventh story balcony

If its pain that you wanted, perhaps I let you down again
Cause I never meant to hurt you, even though I did

Cigarettes & Whiskey

Written By: John Depew

Mama, I want to come home
Life on the road is not for me
Winter's coming on so quickly now
Only cigarettes and whiskey keep me warm

My love is gone to Tennessee
And I'm a million miles away from home or maybe more
Walking lonesome highway 20
Only cigarettes and whiskey keep me warm

I was standing on the platform
Trying to light a cheap cigar
Wind kept blowing out my matches
Wind kept blowing out the fire in my soul


Barn Swallow

Written By: John Depew

My mind is a barn swallow, fluttering in a peaceful sky
Yes sir, you may have beaten gravity
But you work so hard you can't even appreciate
The feeling that comes from feeling like a fool
And knowing you were right there all along
But my eyes were foggy, no I couldn't see you
Sitting cross legged there waiting for me

And my soul is the sky in which the barn swallow flies
And you quietly watch from above
My feeble attempts to transform into an eagle and soar
Where mind and soul become one
Lose this paradox, this curious but hesitant look
I know its not me whose thinking what I think
I thought I must be somebody else
There's more than one of me, there's more than one of you
And we combine to make more than one of us

So what are we to do when everything we do echoes across the universe
And the bicycle chain has locked up
And we're flying through space, looking forward to the pavement
Cast off the face that you're wearing and pick up the face of God
Cast off the eyes that you see through and look through the eyes of God


Written By: John Depew

Walking down by Green Street Park, past 22nd street
And the smell of smoke is fallowing his breath
He can see that the grass is wet from the trail of footprints
On the pavement leading off into the dark

It looks like you were here before he came
He's afraid he'll never find a palce
That's far enough away, he's always approaching
Why won't you let him walk away?

Cause everywhere he looks, he sees a trace of you
Every morning in the picture by the stairs, he stares
For hours and hours and hours

Its bad enough that you left him here alone
Why won't you just leave him alone
So he can go to the basement and take some cure
So he won't have to remember anything about you anymore


Pre-release EP (2010)

Set List

Mortician's Daughter (Freedy Johnston cover)
Grizzly Bear
Winter Queen
Best I Can
Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)
Cigarettes & Whiskey
Pick Me Up
Flood Song
Fisherman's Wife
Something (Beatles cover)
Barn Swallow