¡Oh Antonio + His Imaginary Friends!

¡Oh Antonio + His Imaginary Friends!


Our goal is to make you laugh, smile and sing along within 3 songs. We do this by dousing you with contagious pop melodies that you can not resist.


Hey! It's Antonio! And it is true, I have Imaginary Friends! Sometimes, we write music together. Sometimes, we write stories. Regardless, this project is for everyone to sing along!

Over the past few years, I have been in several bands that you have never heard of. And, I have toured the nation and opening for lots of bands that you have heard of.

This year, we had the opportunity to showcase during SXSW. One reviewer wrote, [¡Oh Antonio + His Imaginary Friends! are Just sheer joy at playing and being onstage. That's the magic of live music, he really brought the crowd up with his energy and enthusiasm. There was a lot to learn from his raw honesty onstage. He was so appreciative of the audience. He’s a guy I’d genuinely like to spend time with. Plus, he talked about geeky stuff without pandering, it just felt natural.

Our goal is write songs that make you smile and bring you peace. With Love! ¡Oh Antonio + His Imaginary Friends!