cosmic thoughts (sounds like: aphex twin and the future sound of london had a child.)


i was abducted by aliens. they overloaded my brain with information through waveform stimulation. i am haunted by this music.

i listen to a broad spectrum of rock, dance, electronic, experimental, jazz, classical, and even some country.

i studied classical piano as a child. learned to play flute, guitar. late teens early twenties i followed the greatful dead in a '71 WV westfidela. went to every show i could at least afford to drive to. got a large influence of music from the crowds in the parking lot, drum circles, rainbow gatherings, nature.

i sang for a punk band for like a minute in HS(42 ghenna)
i was a dj at my local rollar rink (1986-88 saturdays@ woodland), then to a teen dance club (1987-89 thursdays @ top of the rock) and had a regular night at electric ave for year after (fridays 1990). performed late night in underground clubs around s.w. michigan. around 1986 i started experimental noise electro recordings.

then when O'HAUS was created, everything changed. merging all the knowledge and experience into sound.


one track: under alias G.S.M> G.S.M. on a compliation disk..; have self relesed several tapes and cd's under my own label Mannlabs: O'HAUS one mann army (1996 tape only) ; regressive e.p. (1998 tape only)

o'haus vs juno reactor (unregisted remix of two tracks release to the net via limewire: magnetic, feel the universe 2002); sanctuary (2009 cd) ; enumermaticman (2009 cd)

i have dropped a few other tracks online through via the net over the last decade.

and i have recorded about 50 cds worth of music (unreleased)

Set List

set list: let the spirt move you, let the aduience influence the beginning, grasp there attention, and move in the force. its been typical for "O'HAUS to get like less then 5 minutes in sound check at any venue that i dont bring my own sound, this is a mistake by many sound techs. the blistering high ends that change from 500watts in my studio to 50000 watts is possibly brain damaging, the low ends that i drop can rip apart a speaker.