Oh Discretion!

Oh Discretion!


"Oh Discretion! is catchy and straight-forward. For only three guys, the band's sound is strong and full." - Tim Brouk, Journal & Courier


After stumbling upon a dusty 1967 Ampeg Reverberocket amp for only $7 at a nearby thrift-store, Mike Reeb decided it was time to buy a telecaster. He borrowed one instead. He then left Chicago for the vast cornfields of Indiana and formed Oh Discretion! with bassist Rick DeSutter and drummer Justin Edington.

Their first show was in March 2007 at Downtown Records in Lafayette, Indiana. In May, the group was hailed as "best new band of 2007 in the local scene" by the Journal & Courier. By the end of June, the group had won Purdue University's Battle of the Bands and was performing regularly. Just two months later, Reeb followed his heart back to Chicago and it appeared that Oh Discretion! was finished.

After several months of discussion, side-projects, and serious thought, the band decided to make the long-distance rock relationship work and regrouped in early 2008. Just three members strong, as they've always been, Oh Discretion! is performing live once again. For fans of The Kinks, Wilco, The Velvet Underground, Kings of Leon, or The Beatles .


Oh Discretion! (2007 EP)

Set List

Their ideal set-length is 30 to 40 minutes. In that time, you'll hear one or two covers.