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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Oh Fortuna @ Athens Pop Fest"

"Filling out the small stage were what looked like a small army of seven to eight members in matching white jumpsuits and a whimsickle, energetic, sometimes even uplifting synth-pop sound that could make anyone stand up and cheer. And damn did everyone stand up to cheer and dance, as this seemingly unknown band managed to completely pack the small venue to full capacity." - TheYellowStereo.com

"Orange You Glad: Opening night, Take II"

Expansive and room-filling... urgently beautiful, but it rocked plenty too, a pleasing sonic overload that built to its conclusion. All this and accordion too! - Orlandosentinal.com

"Oh Fortuna - 8.16.2008 @ Athens PopFest"

Easily among my top-ten experiences from the festival, all 7-8 members, decked out in colorful psychedelic garb (insert Polyphonic Spree reference here) picked up their guitars, synths, and horns, proceeding into a powerful set of “dance music”. They had the entire room jumping about, dancing on folding chairs, clapping along, and breaking out the tambourines. (Remember, this is PopFest…getting the crowd to do anything other than bob their heads takes a miracle!) - www.theflatresponse.com

"Oh, Fortuna"

It’s one thing to be a gimmick band known for one ploy, another to be the gimmick band with a full bag of tricks. And Oh, Fortuna's bag of tricks is deep indeed; on stage, the band employs instruments like the violin, keyboard, and horns, and enhances their sets with a wide variety of costumes and dancers. - REAX Magazine

"The Magic of Oh Fortuna"

If magic is at work here, it's definitely not the dark kind. It's more like a fairy landed in Gainesville, FL, waved her magic wand, and Oh Fortuna manifested itself in a cloud of glitter. These kids just seem so genuinely excited to be playing live, like every show is their collective birthday party, and they just want to invite the audience to celebrate with them. How do they stay so darn optimistic? - Flagpole Magazine


The Fireworks of Electric Human Love EP; Self-Released 2009

Whales EP; Self-Released 2008



Hello there,

We're six friends from Gainesville, FL who make aggressively celebratory dance pop to move the heart of your loins and the loins of your heart!

We've been playing around the Southeast for about 3 years with as many as 12 people and as few as 4; but have always tried to make our sound as big as possible and to reach out to as many people as possible.

We have dressed in tons of different themed costumes ("Neon Wedding", "Miserable Christmas"), have opened for very gracious larger acts (Girl Talk, YACHT, Islands, Titus Andronicus, White Rabbits, 65daysofstatic, Grand Buffet) and have used Guitars, Synths, Laptops, Accordions, Shakers, Rainsticks, Guitarsynths, Girl Harmonies, Guy Harmonies, mandolins, banjos and recently a (real live!) drummer to keep things fresh.

We love The Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire, M83, Brian Wilson and Grizzly Bear.

We have played multiple pop festivals including Athens Popfest 2008, CMJ 2009, and Anti*Pop 2009.

We would love to play for you in Austin for SXSW, the main reason we opened this Sonicbid, and will give the loudest, most joyous, most poppiest set we can possibly give, hopefully the most so of the entire festival, and hope to see you in March.

Much Love and Tender Kisses,


Recent Live Performance with supporting musicians:

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