Well written, well crafted songs about the feelings you can't explain or ignore. Minimal, heartfelt, tasteful, and we do know how to move the crowd. www.myspace.com/ohgeography


Adam and Arnold have played music together since they were lads. Arnold has fingers like lightening and Adam has a knack for writing good songs. They used to perform together as a duo. Then they took a little hiatus to collect and gather thoughts and they're back with a vengeance.
With 3 years worth of shows under his belt, Gilroy went back to the drawing board. Writing, recording, and daydreaming up a set of songs that had eluded oh!geography before. After emerging from 6 months in a hideout bedroom in central Florida, Gilroy returned home to Tallahassee and gathered a band.
John Frank is an accomplished jazz, rock, and steelband drummer with an artistic eye for music. Often looking at as a whiz-kid, John Frank has assumed oh!geography as his proudest ensemble. This is his chance to become more well rounded. He has conquered the fancy, ritzy jazz gigs. He kills those every time. Now he can be raw and real and play what he feels to contribute to something truly organic and larger than himself.


Me and Mine

Written By: Adam Gilroy

well i stood up on my car and yelled for i don't know how long
cause i blacked out
it was the first time and it felt so right
and as soon as i can ick myself up and get some water there's going to be hell to pay
if i could only find my belongings

and if you have to take a part of me with ya
will you take the part that won't forget ya?

as soon as i can find a way to raise a shelter i am gonna wish
i had never set foot in that storm
and as soon as me and mine get home from south Nebraska we are gonna feast
on fruits of love and labor

White feathers

Written By: Oh!Geography. Adam Gilroy

I saw a vision my first week there
she wore white feathers in the back of her head
and it was in the car that i first saw the light pour in from behind her head
and it was then that i knew she was an angel walkin' round among men

and it was all around her
hadn't counted on this
hadn't counted on this

She took me walking a march for the dead
and i wore white feathers in the back of my hair
and as we sat in the park i said "where'd you come up with that"
when you felt broken and beaten and biten up you'd march around town in all white

and it was all around her. this kind of feelin' i could not ignore.

and what's set in the brooke will wash to the river
and what's set in the brooke will wash to the river and we will follow.


Interstate 40 seem long and lonely (2004)
Oh!Geography cassettes vol.I & 2(2006)
Oh!Geography live on Hootenany (2007)
Official Debut forthcomming

Set List

Me and Mine
Three in One night
We'll Just have to make it
Georgia Winter
House that I built
White Feathers

we like to sprinkle in a cover now and then. Maybe songs:Ohia or silver jews. usually just a song we all like.
Our set lasts about 20-25 minutes.