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Burlington, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF | AFM

Burlington, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Post-rock




"I Like This: Oh Geronimo"

It’s been a tough slog for the band Oh Geronimo with three members leaving the group. If you’ve ever been through a band breakup, you’ll know how traumatic it can be. This song sums up everything.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PZrB7Nr7T4 - Alan Cross: A Journal of Musical Things

"Meet the Top 25 regional finalists from Searchlight 2016"

"Oh Geronimo's 'Arctic Shores' had me simply for the first bars of harmonies, then I started paying attention to the lyrics and then this solid, banging guitar riff hits. And then boom, the song was over! Didn't feel like an almost 4 minute song, which blew me away. I'd see them live anytime." - CBC

"Oh Geronimo - The Flood 7" Review"

Like many of the better pieces of art, Oh Geronimo’s single ‘the flood’ was born out of genuine life experience. In this case, the music was the result of a real-life flood which poured into the basement bedroom of one of the band members, destroying memories and belongings in the process. What could have been a maudlin reflection, however, proves to be a rather beautiful piece of music that hits the right note of gentle reflection without coming across as overly melodramatic or sombre.

Featuring two tracks, ‘the flood’ (available digitally or as a 7” single) is a wonderful example of a band losing themselves in a perfect moment of song-writing, the music pouring fourth in a dreamy, slightly lo-fi way that recalls the bands that I spent years whiling away my youth to. With elements of R.E.M, Strangelove, Low and Neil Young showing amidst the band’s DNA, the first track has a folky spin on it that still can’t quite disguise the gorgeous pop melody that lies at its heart. With vocal harmonies delivered with warmth and subtlety, ‘the flood’ is the perfect song for a summer’s day, and it’s impossible to listen to the track without thinking of long, hot days spent outdoors with friends. It’s a gentle melancholy the band evoke, and it’s most welcome to come across a band who deal with such honest emotion in their music. The second track, ‘waves (the flood part 2)’ is no less inspiring. Drawing closer to a style of playing that has felt all too empty since R.E.M went gently into the night, Oh Geronimo juxtapose scratchy guitar with the previously noted folky elements to deliver a song that shimmers like light reflecting upon the water, and there’s a feeling of elation as the band build to a soaring crescendo with their gently fizzing guitars.

Oh Geronimo are the sort of band that, back in the nineties, I would have found on 7” in my local record shop and then treasured. Now, thanks to the ubiquity of the internet, I don’t have to travel so far, but they evoke similar memories of hidden indie bands and days spent with friends discussing the latest tracks that we had unearthed. There’s a simple charm to the music because it comes from a set of emotions that we can all relate to – loss and the discarding of memories – and it’s represented here with a clarity and honesty that many bands aspire to but fee actually realise. Listening to these two tracks was a simple pleasure and they come highly recommended. - SonicAbuse

"Indie 88 Video Premiere: Oh Geronimo share "No More Stones""


By dave setton New Videos 04.10.2017

Oh Geronimo are just putting the finishing touches on their follow-up to 2016s Sleep Rhythms, sharing their first new single today. The Burlington, Ontario-based group shared a new video for “No More Stones,” a spirited song that, according to the band, “came from a place of strained friendship.”

“We’ve been playing together in various projects for a while now and we are very close friends. We just don’t get to let loose and ‘hang out’ as much as we would like, so tension can easily build between us. I think it’s easy to take things personal when you are working on a collaborative creative project.”

“It’s like when someone doesn’t agree with or like your idea(s), it’s easy to be hurt because music happens to be so personal and spiritual. No More Stones is inspired by these little feuds/conflicts that neither party is willing to resolve. We’ve all probably wanted to rip each other’s heads off at times, but it all goes away once we play a wicked show or something. We remember why we love making art together.”

“No More Stones” was recorded earlier this year At Chalet Studios near Uxbridge Ontario by Justin Meli and Sasha Szlafarski in late March of this year. Watch the video for “No More Stones” below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVx9MyvEYOQ - Dave Setton

"Canadian Double Feature: Dom Fricot + Oh Geronimo (Album Reviews)"

Oh Geronimo’s new record The Sled crashes open with ‘No More Stones’, led by splashy drums, howling guitar and acerbic wit, with lines like “I could cut the tension with a knife / But I’d rather put it in your back” cutting to the quick. The verse has a tight, controlled feel, with piano and sprinkles of delayed guitar before the chorus clatters down in all its layers of kitchen-sink glory. Barely a minute in, I find myself in the rare position of being rather excited by a new rock band.

The inventive guitar work and wry cynicism continues with ‘Hope Is A Gateway Drug’ which features an exquisitely grandiose instrumental mid-section. The tragically romantic ‘VHS Cassette’ shuffles forward with a slightly shoegazing feel and is so absorbing I almost don’t notice the saxophone solo trying to sneak past me. The single ‘Mountains’ is an ego-checking cautionary tale, awash with noodly guitars, brass and strings before title track ‘The Sled’ is ushered in via a short, atmospheric instrumental. Starting with raw vocal against solo guitar; drums, guitar and bass then ease in over the wonderful strings (courtesy of Saskia Tomkins) to form the song’s shattering climaxes. It somehow manages - in a little over four minutes - to feel like a sprawling stadium epic worthy of Roddy Hart or Biffy Clyro. It’s a track I’d love to experience live… any plans to come to the UK, chaps?

Closer ‘Souvenir’ is a bittersweet look at the fraternity and complexity of being in bands. This is obviously subject matter that is close to Oh Geronimo’s heart as they had to rebuild themselves after losing half their members just eighteen months ago. If nothing else, The Sled shows that all that heartache and perseverance can pay serious dividends. The Sled is a significant achievement and Oh Geronimo are a band worthy of some serious attention. - RGM

"Oh Geronimo's Video for the single "Mountains" is just what you need to see before their album, 'The Sled'"

Oh Geronimo are a five part band that together form a creative whole who are currently on tour, are planning on album release, and are receiving international attention. The Burlington founded band bring a quality approach to their sound compositions and indie attitude that comes across through the band's synchronization through the vocals, guitars, drums, and keys. The band will be releasing The Sled on February 9th, with a release party planned on February 16th in Toronto.

The video shares a motivating message from Oh Geronimo about the challenges that people face throughout their daily struggles and tribulations. The video
is designed by Andrew Friesen and stands out as a attractive collage of music and artistic expression. The melody strikes the right chord with me as a journalist watching the exciting video clips with a colourful text-face and gruesome animations. Each time I re-watch the video, I seem t capture a new part of the mesmerizing kaleidoscope of digital content.

You can catch Oh Geronimo on tour across Ontario in Canada during the colder months in February and March. Thankfully, you'll be able to see the whole live act within intimate and warm venues at various cities ranging from Hamilton to Sudbury for gigs. You can see all the upcoming dates below as well as ways to connect with the band.

Read more at https://earmilk.com/2018/01/29/oh-geronimos-video-for-the-single-mountains-is-just-what-you-need-to-see-before-their-album-the-sled/#tB6gUI4xcPIO7cxj.99 - Earmilk


New EP - The Sled // Released in February 2018
Available to stream here: https://soundcloud.com/ohgeronimomusic-1/sets/the-sled

Debut Album - Sleep Rhythms // Released in March 2016
Available to stream here: https://soundcloud.com/ohgeronimomusic-1/sets/sleep-rhythms



Oh Geronimo’s new record, The Sled, traverses the peaks and valleys of companionship, ego, self-perception and explores what happens when they collide. 

The band is a recent recipient of the National Music Centre's Master In Residence program, where they were able to further hone their songwriting craft under the tutelage of Canadian music legend, Steven Page.

'Souvenir' is included on Spotify's Best Of Indie Folk 2018 playlist.

"A great (and very honest song) that details what it’s like to be in a band when it endures a lineup change." - Alan Cross on ‘Souvenir’

Oh Geronimo was named 'Fan Favourite' for the 2018 Sound Of Music Festival Club Series - the largest free music festival in Canada.

"The messages they share allow us to take a step back and reevaluate. So take the time and listen. This may be just the clarity you need!" - Canadian Beats

"Music can help and give support when you get to your last straw and remind you of the deep strength you have in your core. 'Mountains' is a convincing tune which does just that."
Immersed In Cool Music

"The Sled is a significant achievement and Oh Geronimo are a band worthy of some serious attention." - Richard Barnard of RGM

Oh Geronimo was a top 25 National Finalist for the 2016 CBC Searchlight Competition.

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