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Frankie Wade professionally known to his fans as “OHIO”, is a NJ based rapper that originally derived from Warren, Ohio (hence the name). Known for his high-energy performances and expressive lyrics this 21-year-old talent is a superstar in the making.

After winning numerous competitions such as the Coast 2 Coast Mixer in Atlanta, the King of the Mic performance battle in NJ & the Radio One Music & Entertainment Conference in Philadelphia (which landed him a single recording deal with E1 Entertainment), he later went on to perform as the opening act at the Philadelphia Super Jam Concert with featured artists such as 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Trey Songz, Ludacris, B.O.B, Trina, Waka Flocka, Lil Scrappy, Roscoe Dash and more.

Currently working on his debut mixtape/album “A Taste Of Fame” under the independent label Stack Holders LLC., he recently released his 1st single entitled “Checks Comin” which has received positive feedback from DJ’s across the South, Midwest, and East Coast. Also showcasing his behind the scenes talent, OHIO has worked as an interview correspondent for A-GAME Magazine in which he has interviewed stars such as Will Smith, Tyrese, Slaughterhouse, Terry Crews, Lisa Raye McCoy, Jacob Latimore, Lil Mama and more… - XXL

"“He’s Gone”"

A-GAME: What inspires you to make music?

OHIO: My desire to succeed in the industry and my everyday life experiences.

A-GAME: With your accomplishments so far which are you most proud of and why?

OHIO: I got the chance to perform at “Super Jam” which was one of the city of Philadelphia’s biggest concerts this past year. I got the chance to open up for multiple industry artists and work with a lot of radio show hosts and A&R’s. Overall the experience was the peak of my happiness. I was overwhelmed with joy to perform. It was just mind blowing!

A-GAME: What was it like growing up in your environment/household? And does that influence your music?

OHIO: Growing up in Warren, Ohio was rough. I lived in a one floor house with two bedrooms and a big family. It was a struggle living there because so many people want to make it out and if you’re not a drug dealer or a straight “A” student it’s hard to make those dreams come true. So with all that said me being able to expand myself and see new things after coming from that, it plays a big part in the type of music I make.

A-GAME: With your music are you targeting a certain crowd?

OHIO: I target an older crowd but my intension is to appeal to everyone.

A-GAME: If you had a chance to play one of your songs in front of 1 million people which song would you pick and why?

OHIO: I have many songs that I believe the world would love but for one million people “He’s Gone” would be the song I would choose. Also, it’s one of my top ten songs in my catalog. I feel like it makes a statement and the type of energy it brings out of me on stage is undeniable.

A-GAME: If you had the opportunity to create your ideal “Masterpiece” album, who would you have features from? (I.e. producers, artists, musicians)

OHIO: The producers I feel that could bring the best out of me is; Dr. Dre, Kanye West and DJ Premier. They’ve created phenomenal records through their time. As far as artists, I feel like I can hold it down my self, but Trey Songs, Eminem or Kanye West would be genius and take it to another level.

A-GAME: What do you feel makes you stand apart from the rest of the aspiring artists out today?

OHIO: To me it starts with the humble person I am, which then carries into my music. It doesn’t take profanity to get my point across. Also, who could miss the Avatar symbol that I promote on my head. I believe it brings another side of me on stage. The rest the fans make possible.

A-GAME: Where can the people learn more about you?

OHIO: www.stackholdersonline.com

A-GAME: Do you have any last words for the people reading this?

OHIO: Log onto stackholdersonline.com and download my mixtape (Ohio State). I’ll be in a city near you. Thanks for taking the time to learn about me. It’s Owa owa O H. - A-GAME Magazine

"“Ohio Is No Longer Just A State”"

During the summer at 100.3 The Beat’s Music & Entertainment Conference, I had the pleasure of interviewing 18 yr old “Ohio”. He is a talented teenager who is going far in the music and entertainment industry.I actually sat in on his performance and his style and lyrics definitely had the crowd rocking. Some of the judges were Jahlil Beats, Marques Houston and Sebastian Richards just to name a few .The kind words “Ohio” from the judges definitely showed that they were impressed. In fact the judges were so impressed that “Ohio” was given the opportunity to perform at “Super Jam” ft Roscoe Dash, Dondria, and B.O.B as well as many other artists.

This young lyricist has a message and through all his rising fame he is thankful for everything and appreciates all the support. I was given the opportunity to get to know Ohio now here’s your chance.Allan “Frankie” Wade known to the music world as “OHIO” was introduced as one of the newest members of Stack Holders in early 2009. With his name deriving from his hometown of Warren, Ohio, this 17 year old has grabbed the attention of many with his self proclaimed mid west style and force of energy. As one of the two main artists on the label, Wade has already begun working toward perfecting his craft as an artist.

Moving to South Jersey at the age of fourteen, the influence of the tri-state (NJ/NY/PA) has left him with a keen appreciation for lyricism, leaving him with an unmatched diversity when it comes to rapping. With a brand new single recently hitting the airwaves and the debut of his brand new video getting the highest amount of views in Stack Holder history, Ohio has summed his career up in two little words… “He’s Gone!” - Global Teen Talk


Checks Comin’
Release date: 2013-08-03
Label: Stack Holders LLC
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/checks-comin-single/id655114216

“Checks Comin” is a song by American recording artist Ohio, released as the first single from his 1st studio album, A Taste Of Fame. The song was written by Ohio and produced by Johnny Juliano. “Checks Comin” served as the 1st single from A Taste Of Fame and it was also featured in XXL Magazine Anniversary issue.

Single Reviews:
The first single from Ohio’s upcoming album A TASTE OF FAME, this single is a mid-tempo harmonic rap about “Checks Comin” which everyone in the world can relate too.

Put The Game On
Release date: 2013-08-03
Label: Stack Holders LLC
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/put-game-on-feat.-reed-dollaz/id655007583

“Put The Game On” is a song by American recording artist Ohio, released as the second single from his 1st studio album, A Taste Of Fame. The song was written by Ohio, Reed Dollaz and produced by Sight. “Put The Game On” served as the 2nd single from A Taste Of Fame and it also features a very well known rapper out of Philly “Reed Dollaz”.

Single Reviews:
The second single from Ohio’s upcoming album A TASTE OF FAME, this single is a mid-tempo hard hitting rap about “Put The Game On” this edgy but hard song has a lot of feeling, deep bass and production with the same style to Dre. Put The Game On’ is gonna appeal to those in the urban scene who want that driving confident and smooth vocals. Ohio has a vocal delivery that oozes a individuality and vulnerability to appeal to the masses. It will appeal to street hustlers as well. The angst of lyrics could be related to those having been to jail through illicit activity and having general street conversation. It all makes a heavy sound with a bit of attitude and infectious groove.



OHIO, hailing from Warren Ohio, is known for his high-energy performances and expressive lyrics. After captivating audiences at numerous competitions including The Radio One Music Conference, this budding superstar received a recording deal with E1 Entertainment. His performance at the Philadelphia Super Jam Concert alongside Meek Mill, Trey Songz & 2 Chainz setup his single, Checks Comin, off of his debut album A Taste Of Fame. OHIO has also worked as a correspondent, interviewing stars such as Will Smith, Slaughterhouse, Lil Mama and more.

Follow OHIO: @OhiotheRapper #TW #IG