OHIOAN is living music. Mountain dulcimers drone over the hum of a generator party in the desert, stacks of amplifiers and drumsets boogie all night. Cassette loops and a lone pedal steel split the difference between Gram Parsons and Pharaoh Sanders, CAN gone tribal on peyote. High Country.


OHIOAN was originally formed back in 2003 by O Ryne Warner as a project to explore the boundaries of country music, combining it with wild free improvisation, creeping minimalist drone,audience percussion and the occasional indulgence in The Riff. Over the years, the band has involved members of Castanets, BRAINSTORM, Raymond Byron & the White Freighter, Old Time Relijun, Malaikat dan Singa, AU, and Eternal Tapestry to name a few, and has played/toured with Michael Hurley, Akron/Family, Castanets, Old Time Relijun, Dan Deacon, and Jolie Holland amongst others. The bands sound has been compared to artists ranging from Earth & Wooden Wand to Tinariwen & Hank Jr., or as one fan put it: "yall sound like Comets On Fire if they were a bunch of hillbillies from Arizona!"
Ohioan is currently based in the Sonoran desert near Tucson, Arizona.


BALLS DEEP IN BABYLON - full length (2011)
HIGH COUNTRY - full length (2009)
ZIA 7" split w/ Castanets, Ghost to Falco, Dragging an Ox (2009)
BEING OF THE GOOD RIVER - full length (2007)

all available streaming at http://ohioan.bandcamp.com