Ohio Sky

Ohio Sky


Ohio Sky is a Mid-West group that combines a heavy wall of sound with melodic and catchy vocals. Influenced by psychedelic and post modern rock.


Ohio Sky is a Cleveland based quintet so surreal, it's unreal. They combine indie aesthetics with pounding rock rhythms and pop sensibilities to form a unique concoction as accessible as it is original. They are known for their boundless songwriting, their striking imagery, and for winning over crowds at highly energetic live performances. Their visceral, sonic vibrations range from heavy to light, and are always ethereal. Their honest experimentation with music gives their style a powerful poignancy rare to find in a band. You could say they're coming up, but you can't get higher than the Ohio Sky.

-S. Adams
Columbia University


Stars and Skies

Written By: Ohio Sky

This Highway sings a lonely song in a familiar key.
From a place, a familiar embrace, it takes a hold of me.

Stars and skies form endless nights running from me
There running from me
Stars and skies of memories are right above me.
There right above me

Four years i've roamed this lonely road.
Four years, my home ,is not my own
And i've been misplaced a million ways, never to see the light of day

Speed of urgency

Written By: Ohio Sky

Heightened senses pulled me toward the street.
I feel the concrete move beneath my feet.
Traveling at the speed of urgency.
This pace is faster than the air I breathe.

For every mile that my Eyes can see, we are moving at the speed of urgency.
We're on the trail of our enemy's
The other side will it awaken me.

Beneath the paralyzing towers of greed.
We've lost the light we cant see anything.
I peered though pinholes, stretched my eyes to see. The other side will it awaken me.


Written By: Ohio Sky

The Devil in your eyes,
this revelation.
Like a nail in my heart its desperation.
So remove your disguise expose your nature.
The devil in your eyes, this revelation.

Four evil signs of cascading lies, discovered with time
Your evil mind cast me aside, and out of your design


Apophis-Debut release Available on 10"Vinyl and also available at snocap.com

Set List

Stars and skies
You want more
Perfect moment
Peace of mine
Speed of urgency